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How to make sure your Hipot Tester is working properly each morning

How to make sure your Hipot Tester is functioning properly

How do you know if your hipot tester is working properly? Are you getting false failures or worse, false pass results?

The solution is using a load box to verify that the hipot tester is performing measurements correctly. Chroma offers custom configurable load boxes used to ensure a hipot tester is measuring properly and that all test leads are in working condition. A load box consists of high voltage resistors with resistor values based on the test specifications that the hipot tester is configured for. The resistor values are specified at the time when the load box is ordered. The load box is then built to that test configuration. When used, the custom pass/fail load box will verify both hipot and ground bond functions for the hipot tester it is configured for.

For more detailed information on our load boxes and how they are used, download this application note or send an email to our electrical safety experts.

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