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Five Electrical Safety Compliance Tests in One Box

Chroma Systems Solutions releases the 19032 series Safety Analyzer able to perform five dielectric tests in one unit including AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond, and optional Leakage Current tests.  The time-saving TwinPort™ feature performs Hipot and Ground Bond simultaneously cutting time for these tests in half.  The 19032 also has an open / short check function (OSC) that checks for an open connection or a DUT short during testing.  Open connections may cause a bad DUT to test OK.  Screening for shorts prevents damage to the equipment saving potential costs that may occur.  These patented features are only available in safety products manufactured by Chroma.

The 19032 Safety Analyzer performs five test functions suitable for electromechanical and electronic equipment safety standards such as IEC 60601 and 60950.  AC Hipot testing allows programmable output voltage from 0.05 to 5kV with cutoff current to 40mA.  DC Hipot output voltage is up to 6kV with cutoff current to 12mA.  Testing Insulation Resistance (IR), the measurement range of the 19032 is 100Kohm to 50Gohm and test voltage range is 50V to 1000V. Testing Ground Bond (GB), the grounding resistance range measured is up to 510mohm with programmable output current up to 30A standard or 40A with an optional current transformer.  If Dynamic Leakage Current (LC) testing is a requirement, Chroma offers various leakage current scanners to meet Medical equipment and other safety standards including Earth, enclosure, patient and patient auxiliary LC tests.  These scanners can be installed right into the back of the unit prior to shipment.

The analyzer is equipped with programmable limits for pass/fail testing as well as storage and recall of 50 different test setups with 100 steps per setup.  The 19032’s generous display panel is more than enough to clearly indicate setting status, time, current, voltage, resistance value, memory number, etc. Also standard are the RS332 and I/O interfaces, however, if GBIP is desired, Chroma makes that available as an option.

Chroma is no stranger to electrical safety and compliance testing.  For decades, Chroma has been successfully supplying safety products to Asian and European markets and through third-party partners in North America.  Chroma is now making these products available direct to the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Sales, service and support in North America will be carried out by Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. in Lake Forest, California.  You can find out more about Chroma’s power test and safety compliance instruments and systems at or by calling 949-600-6400.

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