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Chroma’s 8000 ATS is Turnkey for EV/PHEV Testing

Chroma introduces versatility in Automated Test Systems by providing a full range hardware devices and software architecture for EV/PHEV related applications such as battery storage system, EVSE charger station, DC/DC converter unit and motor traction drivers.  The power conversion areas of electric vehicles and charging stations are composed of several power electronic units.  Chroma’s Automated Test Systems test the power electronics during the development phase as well as the production phase.

The Chroma 8000 ATS is a standard test platform that resolves problems brought on by conventional self-designed systems for power electronics testing.  Designed with an open architecture, the Chroma 8000 ATS includes a wide range of hardware choices such as AC/DC power supplies, Electronic Loads, Power Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Digital multi-meters, as well as various digital/analog I/O cards.  This flexibility combined with an open architecture gives the user a powerful and cost effective test system for EV/HEV power electronics.  The Chroma 8000 test system includes a sophisticated test executive, which includes pre-written test items.  The Test Item Editor function provides the ability to create and expand test libraries without limits.  The Chroma 8000 ATS’s ability to satisfy the test requirements for multiple power electronic units maintains consistency and reduces costs during the transition between R&D and production.  The system will not only perform the tests and report it to an isolated PC, but it will also network to the shop-floor (MES) system for production line data logging, analysis and monitoring.

Additional benefits of implementing Chroma’s ATS include the ability to reallocate resources, reduced risk of errors and improved efficiencies.  Advanced features included such as automatic test data recording and creation of statistical analytical reports are very useful during design review and decision-making for product improvements.

Chroma is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Automated Testing Systems (ATS) and provides power test and safety measurement instrumentation for various technology related industries.

Chroma specializes in turn-key test solutions appropriate for both bench top and manufacturing execution systems (MES).  Chroma supports the clean energy initiative by providing test solutions for photovoltaic, LEDs, Li-batteries, power battery packs, electric vehicles and any ongoing new eco-driving industry developments.

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