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POWERPRO software is an intuitive, no-code test environment with pre-written test libraries and graphical user interfaces that get you up and running faster than any other when integrated with our automated test systems.

Automated Test Systems ATE with POWERPRO or BATTERYPRO Test Software

Automated Test Systems ATE from Chroma

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Ultra-Low Voltage DC Load

Simulate Loading Characteristics of AI Microprocessors

This DC electronic load is specifically designed for applications of 2 000A@0.2V and 1 000A@0.1V. It is perfect for simulating the loading characteristics of AI microprocessors and testing VRMs, VRDs, POLs, and D2Ds – also well-suited for EVs, fuel cells, and other low-voltage-high-current applications. A clever front panel busbar provides low inductance connections, enabling industry-leading slew rates and minimizing IR voltage drops due to cable resistance.

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