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Automated test equipment (ATE) for design verification, R&D, production and incoming inspection. Engineers like you look to Chroma for their power conversion, electrical safety, and component testing in power supply, battery, energy storage, electric vehicle, PV inverter, LED, medical, defense, aerospace and commercial applications. To request detailed information on our test instruments and automated systems, use the link below.

Regenerative Grid Simulator - 61800

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The 61800 is a full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, AC power supply designed to simulate worldwide power line conditions and disturbances for testing PV Inverters and on-line UPSs as well as Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

  • Standard output voltage of 330V L-N as compared to 300V L-N found in the market - sufficient to cover a +10% variation for 480V L-L applications
  • Optional 0-400V L-N / 0-692V L-L opt. that does not require a transformer
  • Maximum power delivered down to 200VAC L-N which provides a wider output power range
  • Simulates distorted voltage waveforms and transient conditions

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Modular DC Electronic Load - 6310/A

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Chroma 6310A Programmable Electronic Load integrates microprocessor capabilities into each load module and mainframe to provide simple and accurate parallel operation to optimize the speed and control among multiple load modules. All load modules may be configured to work synchronously, to test multiple outputs simultaneously, thus simulating real life applications.

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Automated Test Systems

Built to Your Specifications

C8000 Platform

A flexible and expandable platform providing a time and cost saving system.


A wide selection of high precision test instruments including our own.


Powerful software platforms that include an extensive amount of built-in test programs ensuring calculated results.


A highly trained technical service team capable of supporting you and your system(s).

Test Equipment

Find the right instrument for your application.

AC Power Sources

500VA – 300KVA with or without line simulation.


DC Power Supplies

108W – 150KW with high-speed programming.


Electronic Loads

Chroma is the global leader in Electronic Load manufacturing.



Power Meters, LCR/IR Meters, Digital MultiMeters


Safety Testers

AC/DC Hipots, Safety Analyzers, IR, GB, LC, IWT



TEC Controllers and Thermal Data Loggers.


Chroma is the new trusted name in automated test equipment with a global supply backed up by local support.