C8900 Electrical Equipment Test System


  • Open architecture software
  • Expandable hardware
  • Editable test library
  • Editable test programs
  • Editable and Test Item
  • Editable reports
  • Statistic report
  • User authority control
  • Activity log
  • Support Barcode reader

8900 Electrical Equipment Auto Test System

Because of increasingly stringent standards in electric product testing, testing costs are increasing. In order to help manufacturers reduce testing costs and product risk effectively, Chroma created the 8900 electrical equipment auto test system (ATS). The 8900 is ideal for complicated procedures like medical equipment safety and function testing and instrument safety and function testing.

The 8900 electrical equipment ATS can complete measurement and test procedures simultaneously and automatically. This automated functionality decreases the risk of errors due to improperly written tests. The 8900 electrical equipment ATS is suitable for all electrical equipment test solutions within Electrical Safety Test.

This electrical equipment ATS solves the Electrical Safety Test and special FUNCTION test solution. Different testers can be combined in the system to suit specific needs. The software is all open architecture structure which can offer the corresponding program and the most flexible test item in accordance with special test procedure to the customer for special products.

The all open architecture software of 8900 systems includes a powerful report editor and generator, statistical analysis and management functions. Management of various types of different test reports and operation enable the system to control quality and reduce risk. These statistical analysis and report functions are indispensable for quality control and product line testing in a modern electrical manufacturing environment.


  • Support electrical safety test and function test scanning :
    • AC/DC WV Test
    • IR Test
    • GB Test
    • LC Test (all types)
    • Function test
  • Expandable Measurement function
    • LCR Meter
    • AC/DC Source
    • DC Load
    • Power Analyzer
    • Timing/Noise Analyzer
    • DMM
    • Oscilloscope
    • Other with GPIB or RS-232 device


  • House Appliance
  • SMPS/Charger/UPS
  • Motor Function Test
  • Large EL Capacitor
  • PCB
  • Medical Device
  • Line Transformer

Model Description
8900 8900 Electrical Equipment ATS

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