Chroma Solar Automated Test Systems

Chroma’s Solar Test System offerings are designed to test and characterize single solar panels, strings and modules with a wide range of voltage and power ratings. We can also help you test and characterize your Solar Inverters with our Solar Array and Grid Simulators, allowing you to verify your design and run full DVT and production tests with repetitive/accurate settings and measurements. All systems are fully customizable for almost any of your manufacturing or testing needs.

  • System Type

  • Product

  • Model
  • Datalogging Elements
  • Operation Modes
  • Sweep Modes
  • I-V Settings
  • Module Information
  • Available Report Formats
  • Timing Intervals
  • Solar Test

  • Model 8000 PV Inverter Automatic Test Application
  • C8000
  • I-V Curve, P-V Curve, Open Circuit Voltage (Voc), Short Circuit Current (Isc), Maximum Power Point (Pmp), Maximum Voltage Point (Vmp), Maximum Current Point (Imp), Fill Factor, Efficiency, Series Resistance (Rs), Shunt Resistance (Rsh), Module ID, Date/Time, Test Notes
  • I-V mode, MPPT mode
  • Single Sweep, Continuous (Time), Continuous (Sweeps)
  • Number of Points, Irradiance
  • Module Size, Max Power Rating
  • Standard (.txt), Word Report (.doc)
  • Start time (HH:MM), Stop time (HH:MM), Total Sweeps