Complete tools to generate various test documents and perform system administration

PV Inverter Test System

Chroma C8000

  • Open architecture software platform
  • Support instrument with GPIB/RS-232 or RS-485/I2C/CAN BUS interfaces
  • User editable test item, test program, & report format

Chroma 8000 PV Inverter Automatic Test Application

This auto test system uses the unique test command optimization technology to prevent the repeating control commands from sending to the system hardware devices. This improves the system test speed dramatically and makes Chroma 8000, which uses open software architecture, highly efficient as a close or optimized auto test system.

Chroma’s Solar Test System offerings are designed to test and characterize single solar panels, strings and modules with a wide range of voltage and power ratings.

We can also help you test and characterize your Solar Inverters with our Solar Array and Grid Simulators, allowing you to verify your design and run full DVT and production tests with repetitive/accurate settings and measurements. All systems are fully customizable for almost any of your manufacturing or testing needs.