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Power Conversion Automated Test Platform

Power conversion testing is our core competency. Chroma’s engineering delivers cost-effective automated test system and software platforms to fit your Design Validation Testing (DVT) requirements in the lab or High Speed Functional Testing in the production line. Built into each system are Chroma’s years of expertise, precision instrumentation, pre-written test libraries, and local program management with global support. From power conversion to battery to electrical safety, our test systems will maximize your time, improve your validation process, and increase your throughput.

What sets us apart is that we also manufacture best in class programmable COTS instrumentation ideal for power input/output terminal testing and dynamic simulation.  This in-depth knowledge we have with instruments designed for power convertion test automation ensures we can deliver a system with a far better understanding of the hardware than a typical integrator. Additionally, our open architecture design allows for easy integration with other manufacturer’s hardware such as AC/DC power supplies, power analyzers, oscilloscopes, as well as NI’s modular DAQ systems.

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  • Engineering Characterization & Design Validation
  • High Volume Production
  • Vendor Qualification & Incoming Inspection
  • Depot Repair & Failure Analysis
  • Enterprise Wide Open Architecture Platform
  • Custom Reporting with Waveforms & Graphs for Engineering R&D & Design Validation
  • Fast & Easy, Excel Like Test Sequence Development
  • Comprehensive Test Library
  • Customer Editable Test Library Without Coding
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Command Optimizer Maximizes Test Speed
  • A/B & Parallel Testing for High Volume Applications
  • Widest Selection of High Precision Test Instrumentation
  • Highly Customizable Configurations & UUT Interfaces
  • Extensive Comm. Support: CAN, LAN/ Ethernet, I2C, PMbus, USB, GPIB, Serial, etc.
  • Individual Instrumentation Display Panels & Controls Simplifies Debugging
  • Supports Complex Inter-Instrument Triggering
  • Optimized for High Throughput Testing
  • Dynamically Configurable for R&D Engineering & Design Validation
Application Support
  • Custom Test Fixtures & Test Programs
  • Global Operations & Worldwide Support
  • Local & International Program Management

Power Conversion Systems by Application

  • System Type

  • Products

  • Use Case
  • Portable AC/DC Adapter
  • Portable AC/DC Charger
  • DC/DC Converter
  • VRM
  • POL (Point-of-Load)
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Server Power Supply
  • Telecom Rectifier
  • UPS
  • Cabinet Size
  • R&D Engineering

  • Model 8000 DC to DC Converter Testing
  • Design Validation & Characterization
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 2 x 35U (62")