Adapter/Charger ATS – 8020



Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • Able to concurrently test multiple UUTs
  • Provides the test performance of the 6000 ATS while also maintaining the flexible hardware architecture of 8000 ATS
  • Provides optimized standards tests items for the Unit Under Test (adapter/charger) to deliver excellent test performance
  • Easy-to-use software functions specially designed to meet the production line needs
  • Software functions include:
    • Test Program editor
    • Test Report format editor
    • Test Report Generator
    • Statistics Analysis Report editor
    • User level setting
    • Release control
    • Activity log
    • Supporting bar code reader
  • New test items and extended hardware are able to expand to fulfill the new requirements for the PC industry
    • Average efficiency test that complies with Energy Star
  • Rack specially designed more meet to the production line
  • Windows 7/10 or higher environment

Output Performances

  1. DC output voltage
  2. DC output current
  3. DC output power
  4. Peak-to-peak noise
  5. RMS noise
  6. Efficiency
  7. In-test adjustment
  8. Overshoot voltage

Input Characteristics

  1. Input inrush current
  2. Input RMS current
  3. Input power
  4. Input power factor
  5. AC cycle drop out
  6. Input voltage ramp

Regulation Tests

  1. Line regulation
  2. Load regulation
  3. Combine regulation
  4. Dynamic load regulation
  5. Sync. dynamic load regulation

Timing and Transient

  1. Power up sequence
  2. Rise time
  3. Fall time
  4. Power off time

Protection Tests

  1. Short circuit
  2. Over load protection
  3. Over voltage protection

Special Tests

  1. Average efficiency test
  2. ID pin signal measurement
  3. Quick Charge 2.0 Charger test
  4. Pump Express Charger
  5. Type C USB PD test 

Special Feature

  1. TTL signal control
  2. Relay control

Software Platform of ATS

Chroma 8020 ATS software equipped is very friendly and easy to operate that is suitable for production line use. Chroma 8020 ATS runs under the easy-to-learn Windows 7/10 environment with a specialized power test system for test engineers so that they can utilize the Windows resources easily.

 Chroma Power Supply ATS Version and Windows Version Comparison