Adapter/Charger ATS-Chroma 8020

Adapter/Charger ATS

Chroma 8020

  • Able to concurrently test multiple UUTs
  • Provides the test performance of the 6000 ATS while also maintaining the flexible hardware architecture of 8000 ATS
  • Provides optimized standards tests items for the Unit Under Test (adapter/charger) to deliver excellent test performance

Production – High Speed Functional Test Systems

Chroma 8000

  • Capable of coding for any power supply testing applications
  • Comprehensive hardware modules provide high accuracy and repetitive measurements
  • High test throughput by system default test items

R&D – Design Validation (DVT) Automated Test System

Chroma 8000

  • Open architecture software platform
  • Support instrument with GPIB/RS-232 or RS-485/I2C/CAN BUS interfaces
  • User editable test item, test program, & report format