Exploring Programmable AC Electronic Load

AC electronic load

Programmable AC Electronic Load

Chroma 63800

Simulate a variety of load conditions under high crest factor and varying power factors with real time compensation.

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Up to 45Arms

AC electronic loads that can simulate load conditions under high crest factors and varying power factors with real-time compensation even when the voltage waveform is distorted. This special feature provides real-world simulation capability and prevents overstressing, resulting in reliable and unbiased test results.

Chroma 63800 AC/DC electronic loads include built-in 16-bits precision measurement circuits to measure the steady-state and transient responses for true RMS voltage, true RMS current, true power(P), apparent power(S), reactive power(Q), crest factor, power factor, THDv and peak repetitive current. In addition to these discrete measurements, two analog outputs, one for voltage and one for current, are provided as a convenient means of monitoring these signals via an external oscilloscope.

AC Electronic Load Simulation Operating Modes

Constant Load Modes allow users to set the following operating modes: CC, CR and CP mode. The CC and CP modes in this category allows users to program PF, CF, or both. The power factor range is limited based on crest factor programmed. If the programmed PF is positive then the current will lead the voltage waveform. When PF is set negative, the current will lag the voltage waveform. The 63800 AC & DC Electronic Load is also capable of simulating non-linear rectified loads for a wide range of testing applications, with three load modes available for rectified load simulations: RLC, CP and Inrush Current.

DC Load Simulation

Chroma’s 63800 DC load simulation includes four load modes: constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage and constant power as depicted below. CC, CR, CP mode can be used for regulated voltage power supply testing. Many inverter designs, although its input is DC, show an input current and will show rectified pattern. This unique load mode makes the Chroma 63800 load ideal for Fuel Cell, PV module/array and Battery testing.

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Model Options

63802Programmable AC Electronic Load 1800W/18A/350V
63803Programmable AC Electronic Load 3600W/36A/350V
63804Programmable AC Electronic Load 4500W/45A/350V
A638001Rack Mount Kit [63802]
A638002Rack Mount Kit [63803/63804]
10604SoftPanel KIT [63800]
8545-01Cable Kit with Terminal Resistors, 3 phase sync/Parallel Cable


63800 AC Load Paralleling

This is a brief video demostrating the AC load paralleling feature of Chroma’s 63800 Programmable AC Electronic Load.

AC/DC Programmable Load Models 63800

An overview of Chroma 63800 series AC/DC loads illustrating current waveform variation, inrush current, and a few of the many possible applications for which these instruments may be used.

Looking for Higher Power?

63800R Regenerative AC Load

AC loads with regenerative capability, featuring three models with power ratings of 9kVA, 12kVA, and 15kVA. This series boasts a high-power density design, providing a maximum load capacity of 15kVA within a compact 3U chassis. You can parallel multiple units for increased load capacity to accommodate higher power rating test requirements.