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Solar Array Simulation Softpanel for Dynamic Shadowed I-V Curve Simulation With Up to 4096 Data Points

DC Supply 62000H-S with Solar Array Simulation

The PV Array and PV Inverter are two major components of a photovoltaic power generation system. The efficient performance of the PV Array and PV Inverter determine the return on investment of a PV power generation system over the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the weather, irradiance, and temperature change characteristics of the operating region when building a PV system. Additionally, the optimal performance of an inverter’s Maximum Power Point Track (MPPT) efficiency under shadows needs to be evaluated. The technological trend is to create a specific period of actual weather conditions and shadowed I-V curve simulations in order to test the PV inverter’s dynamic MPPT efficiency.

The Model 62020H-150S Programmable DC Power Supply with Solar Array Simulation, newly introduced by Chroma, has 1,000 built in records of PV module data that allow the user to select from the PV module types in the database and plan the PV String or PV Array as desired. Furthermore, the user can set the irradiance, temperature parameters, and the moving direction and time of dynamic shadows for the PV Module to simulate the actual shadow changes of cloud cover, trees, or buildings as the Shadow I-V curve simulation shown in Figure 1. An I-V curve is formed with a maximum of 4096 data points of voltage and current. The real weather simulation function as shown in Figure 2 allows the user to input the recorded temperatures and irradiation intensities (with 0.1s resolution) of specific regions for testing the PV inverter’s dynamic MPPT efficiency. These controllable and repeatable simulations are capable of testing the inverter’s maximum power algorithm and improving the MPPT efficiency performance to optimize the PV power generation system.

Dynamic Shadowed I-V Curve Simulation
Figure 1: Dynamic Shadowed I-V Curve Simulation Function
Real Weather I-V Curve Simulation
Figure 2: Real Weather I-V Curve Simulation

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