From the Bench


Mar 2012

Question: Why is Accuracy and Multiple Ranges important?

Answer:  Most accuracy specifications for Test Equipment are listed as % rdg + % fs. Example: 0.1% rdg + 0.1% fs This is a percentage of the reading or measurement + the percentage of the Full Scale for the range you are in. If a DC Electronic Load has only one range, say 80 amps and the Current Measurement Accuracy rating in the Spec is...

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Feb 2012

Question: How do you determine what wire gauge to use if you will carry 100 amps over 6 Feet and require a voltage drop of less than 0.1Volts?

Answer: There are tables and calculators, available on the internet that will determine the appropriate wire gauge for your application. To search for wire gauge ampere rating tables usekeywords such as AWG, Wire Ampacity, and Wire Manufacturers, these keywords will help you find Tables and Free Calculators that will make it easy to determine the appropriate wire gauge and wire type for your application. Also...

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