Solar Array Simulation using Real World Data

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Solar panels do not supply power in the same method as any other type DC power source. The output power of the array is affected by the amount of sunlight focused upon its surface, measured as irradiance. The solar panel’s irradiance changes based on the position of the sun, shadows, and the weather, meaning that the array’s voltage is dynamic and the changes are unique each day.

The output of the solar array is DC power, meaning that connections to normal AC power devices, or the grid, require an inverter in order to convert the DC power to AC power. The inverter must regulate its AC output power based on the amount of DC input power supplied by the solar panel array in order to maximize the amount of power. This means that most inverters must constantly track the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of the solar panel or array, dynamically changing the AC output power as the capacity of the solar array changes, in order to find the maximum power output and maximize the efficiency.

Aaron Williams Mayer

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