Programmable AC Source – 6500



Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • 1200VA ~ 9KVA
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) waveform generation
  • Programmable voltage, current limit, frequency, phase, and distortion
  • Power:
    • 1200VA, 1ø (6512)
    • 2000VA, 1ø (6520)
    • 3000VA, 1ø (6530)
    • 6000VA, 1ø (6560)
    • 9000VA, 1ø or 3ø (6590)
  • Voltage:
    • 0-150V / 0-300V / Auto
      (6512,6520, 6530)
    • 0-150V /0-300V(parallel)(6560)
    • 0-300V / 0-500V (series)(6560)
    • 0-150V / 0-300V (6590)


The global AC power testing requirements demand more sophisticated AC Power Source that is capable of simulating a wide variety of AC line conditions, harmonic waveforms, accurate power measurement and analysis. The Chroma 6500 series Programmable AC Power Source delivers the right solution to simulate all kinds of normal/abnormal input conditions and measure the critical characteristics of the product under test. It can be used for R&D design characterization, production testing, and QA verification of commercial, industrial, and aerospace electronic products.

The Chroma 6500 series delivers maximum rated power for any output voltage up to 300 Vac, and at any frequency between 15Hz to 2000Hz. It is suitable for commercial applications (47-63Hz); for avionics,marine, military applications at 400Hz or higher frequency; or for electrical motor, air-conditioner test applications at 20Hz. All models generate very clean sine or square waveforms output with typical distortion less than 0.5%.

The Chroma 6500 series has built-in Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Waveform Generator to provide user programmable high precision waveform. For testing products under AC line distortion conditions, clipped sinewave can be generated with 0% to 43% distortion and amplitude from 0% to 100%. It also can simulate all kinds of power line disturbances such as cycle dropout, transient spike, brown out, phase angle, voltage and frequency ramp up (ramp down), etc.. Up to 30 harmonic waveforms are factory installed, and testing for compliance to AC line harmonic immunity standards can be easily achieved in the field.

Model Description
6512 Programmable AC Source 0~300V/15~2KHz / 1.2KVA
6520 Programmable AC Source 0~300V/15~2KHz / 2KVA
6530 Programmable AC Source 0~300V/15~2KHz / 3KVA
6560-2 Programmable AC Source 0~500V/45~1KHz / 6KVA I/P3Ø 220V
6560-3 Programmable AC Source 0~500V/45~1KHz / 6KVA I/P3Ø 380V
6590-2 Programmable AC Source 0~300V/45~1KHz / 9KVA 1Ø or 3Ø, 3000VA per phase, I/P 3Ø 220V
6590-3 AC Power Source 0~300V/45~1KHz / 9KVA 1Ø or 3Ø, 3000VA per phase, I/P 3Ø 380V
A650001 GPIB/RS232 Interface Card [6500/6415/6420/6430]
7887 USB-to-RS232 Adapter Kit [63200/61×00/6×00]
A650002 Rack Mount Kit [6415/6512/6×20/6×30]
A610004 Universal Socket Center (1 phase<13A)
10700 SoftPanel KIT [6500]

User Manuals

Manuals - 6500 Series

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User Manuals for 3-Phase Programmable AC Source, models 61701 through 61705. Available documents are: Hardware User Manual Softpanel User Manual All files in PDF format. ...

Product Brochures

PV Inverter Testing

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Brochure highlighting the Chroma solutions for testing PV Inverters. ...

Application Notes

AC Sources Power Definitions

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This application note discusses the various terms associated with AC power and AC programmable sources. ...

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