Exploring Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger

Thermal/Multi-Function Data Logger

Chroma 51101

Measure temperatures, voltages, and currents with high accuracy and resolutions.

Temperature Accuracy

±(0.01% of reading+0.5) ˚C

Maximum Sample Rate

5 sample/sec.

Input Resistance


There are several measurement products in the market to perform such a largescale and extensive time varying recording. Some are expensive, some are limited in accuracy or resolution, and some have low immunity to interference. Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers are by far the most cost-effective solutions for versatility, accuracy, stability, and interference immunity among this category.

1000VDC Channel to Channel Isolation

Chroma thermal/multifunction data loggers are perfect for the measurements in a situation with charge and high voltage difference. The feature of 1000VDC channel to channel isolation makes them immune to voltage difference between any two channels. One just attaches thermal couples or wires on the device or conducting pads and gets accurate data.

Another case can be battery system tests. One needs to know the voltage and temperature of each cell. For other data loggers, often the voltages cannot be measured properly in the cascade configuration. The thermal couple attachment is another issue needing special care. All these problems are easily solved using Chroma thermal/multifunction data loggers for the high channel to channel isolation.

Accuracy and Resolution

Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers offer higher accuracy and better resolution than our competitors at a comparable, or lower price point. Most data loggers are at 1℃ accuracy and 0.1℃ resolution. Chroma data loggers are 1 order better. Higher accuracy and more detail is always better for measurements. In order to achieve such high accuracy and resolution, Chroma implements individual CJC for each channel. High bit-count A-to-D converters and an advanced noise suppression circuit makes for outstanding performance in our data loggers.

More Features

Higher Accuracy and
Better Resolution

Powerful Data
Recording and Analyzing

Parallel Data Retrieving
Circuit Structure

Suitable for Battery
System Testing

Using Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers, customers get confidence in measured data and high Performance/Cost ratio. Most of all, we can help in certain cases that our competitors fail, and only Chroma succeeds.

Model Options

51101-1Data Logger – 1CH
51101-8Data Logger – 8CH
51101-64Data Logger – 64CH
A511000Voltage Adapter VA-480
A511001Current Adapter IA-3
A511002Voltage Adapter VA-10
A5110038-Port Sensor Card
G12 000207Filler Panel for empty A511003


Chroma 17011 Battery Cell Charge & Discharge Test System

The Chroma 17011 Programmable Charge/Discharge Test System is a high precision piece of equipment designed specifically for testing Lithium-ion secondary batteries and Electrical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC).

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