Using an S14-09 Load Box to Verify the Performance of a Safety Analyzer

This application note discusses a method for confirming that earth leakage, enclosure leakage and /or patient leakage measurements within the safety analyzer are correct.  This method will determine whether the measurement circuitry in the safety analyzer is within tolerance as specified in the data sheet. It will also ensure that the device under test (DUT) will be safe and fully functional when it gets to the end user.

Leakage Current Part II

Part 2 builds on the basic principles of leakage current discussed in part 1 and details the IEC60601-1 measurement circuits for Earth, Touch/Chassis and Patient leakage current tests.

Ensuring The Safety of Medical Electronics

Vital areas of electrical safety testing for medical products include leakage current, dielectric breakdown, insulation resistance and ground bond testing. To better understand the differences in these tests and others, this article examines the purpose and techniques for each test then offers a detailed discussion on ensuring the safety of medical electronics.

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