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AC Electronic Loads: Programmable High Power Real World Testing

Chroma 63800 AC Electronic LoadChroma 63800 Loads can simulate load conditions under high crest factor and varying power factors with real time compensation even when the voltage waveform is distorted. This special feature provides real world simulation capability and prevents overstressing resulting in reliable and unbiased test results.

Features and Benefits

  • Power:1800W/3600W/4500W
  • Voltage Range: 50V – 350Vrms
  • Current Range: Up to 45Arms
  • Peak Current: Up to 135A
  • Frequency: 45 to 440Hz, DC
  • Crest Factor: 1.414 to 5.0
  • Parallel to 27KW 1ph / 9KW 3ph


  • Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Off-Grid Inverters
  • AC Sources
  • Other power devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses and connectors SPECS

Rectified AC Load Modes

The 63800 AC & DC Electronic Load provides unique capability to simulate non-linear rectified loads for a wide range of testing applications. There are three load modes available for rectified load simulations: RLC, CP and Inrush Current. The figure below shows the typical model of a rectifier input.
AC Loads Rectifier Input

Example: Inrush Current Mode

For inrush current simulation (see below), the 63800 provides an Inrush Current mode that allows the user to set different inrush current amplitude and voltage phase angle where the inrush current started.

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