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Chroma Battery Test Systems offer high precision, integrated solutions designed for a wide range of applications. From research and development departments to the production of batteries and other energy-storage devices, we provide industry leading advanced features. Examples include regenerative discharge that recycles energy sourced by the battery module either back to the channels in the system performing a charging function or to the utility, and flexible configurations with a variety of channel power and field upgradeable systems to increase channel count as testing requirements change.

Chroma satisfies battery testing requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with your need for accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power – statically and dynamically.


Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Regenerative Pack Test System in useThe 17030 Regenerative Battery Test System is a single or dual output, high precision integrated solution specifically designed for high power battery pack testing. Highly accurate sources and measurement capability ensure testing quality suitable for battery pack incoming or outgoing inspections, as well as capacity, performance, production and qualification testing.

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Regenerative Battery Pack System

Regenerative Pack Test SystemsChroma’s 17020 regenerative battery test systems provide multiple independent channels to support dedicated charge/discharge testing on multiple battery modules or packs. Channels can easily be connected in parallel to support higher current requirements. This feature provides flexibility between high channel count (max 60 channels) and high current testing.

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Bettery Cell Charge/Discharge Test System

17011 Charge/Discharge Test System Informational GraphicChroma’s 17011 Charge/Discharge test system is high precision automated test system designed specifically for testing Lithium-ion secondary batteries and Electrical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC). It is suitable for cycle life testing, incoming and out-going inspection, production, and reliability testing. Test channels support parallel operation for maximum flexibility between high channel count and large current application. This system supports charge and discharge tests in CC-CV, CV and CP modes as well as supporting battery DCIR tests, capacitance, and DCIR tests for EDLC.

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Hipot Analyzer

19055-C Hipot Analyzer

  • Corona Discharge Detection/ Discharge Level Analysis (DLA)
Hipot Scanner Series

19035 Hipot Scanner Series

  • 8 port scanner
Multi-Channel Hipot Tester

19020 Multi-Channel Hipot Tester

  • 10 channels in one design
Single Channel Hipot Tester

19073 Singel Channel Hipot Tester

  • Insulation resistance measurement from 1M to 50


Jelly Roll

Corona Discharge Detection The distance between positive & negative electrodes is one of the key performance indicators for battery cells since the electric field intensity is related to distance (E=V/d). The distance is usually defined by a separator. During jelly roll production processes, the distance may become shorter than specified due to the deckle edge from cutting and due to metal particles introduced during rolling. Charging and discharging the cell under these conditions could result in dendritic crystals being produced on both sides of the separator, which affects the quality of battery cell. Hipot test implementation can verify the distance between the positive & negative electrodes. Beyond general hipot inspection, the Chroma 19055-C can detect corona discharge within minute distances. This function helps to prevent battery cell reliability and quality issues, which most IR meters cannot detect.

Battery Cell

Electrical safety testing is very important with battery cells. If battery cells are connected to a module with inadequate insulation, the battery cell or module might be damaged due to insulation casing failure. Chroma’s 19055-C hipot supports high voltage testing to ensure the quality and safety of battery cell products prior to module level testing.

Battery Pack

Electrical safety testing is also important for battery packs, as errors with an individual cell, or below spec insulation clearances, can lead to
insulation failure. (Related standard IEC 62133.)

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DC Impedance Measurement For Battery Cell

DC Impedance Measurement for Battery CellThe battery pack for electric vehicles requires the battery cells be paralleled for large current use. An important parameter is the impedance consistency of the battery cell since battery life may be affected if the impedance is not consistent. The DC impedance test solution offered by Chroma sets the discharge current change (ΔI) and measures the voltage change (ΔV), and then calculates the battery’s internal resistance using ΔV/ΔI as shown in the figure.

Chroma’s 63600 Series Electronic Loads supply a 6V/16V/80V voltage range with 0.025% + 0.01%F.S. accuracy to measure the small changes of a battery cell. Each module is able to perform 80A low voltage loading and up to 400A loading when 5 modules are paralleled. The loads feature a high speed data digitizing function that captures the voltage and current every 2us with a maximum 4096 measurements for digital waveform sampling.

Users can conduct the test using our Battery DCR Measurement Software with Chroma 63600 Series Electronic Loads. With the software users can select DC impedance measurements, edit the discharge procedure to test the DC impedance of a battery cell automatically when under different power, and generate a report of the outcome.

Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram

Test Sequences Editing of Battery DCR Measurement Software

Test Sequences Editing of Battery DCR Measurement Software

Voltage & Current Waveform Analysis of Battery DCR Measurement Software

Voltage & Current Waveform Analysis of Battery DCR Measurement Software

Test Report

Test Report

Battery Module & Pack Charge/Discharge Test

Battery Test Charge/Discharge SoftwareChroma provides battery charge/discharge test software that integrates the DC Source and Electronic Load to perform battery pack simulation testing. This system facilitates R&D/QA testing of the battery for capacity, discharge performance to get the C-V curve under different discharge rates, and endurance in cycles. Functions of the battery charge/discharge test software include editing test sequences, loops, and stop conditions. All tested voltage/current/power data is recorded in a file for immediate analysis.

Setting & Monitoring Software

Setting & Monitor Software

Test Report

Test Report

Dynamic Discharge Simulation Test Software for Battery Pack

Dynamic Discharge Simulation SoftwareThe discharge waveform is irregular for EV/HEV battery applications. Although various batteries capacities are labeled the same, the discharge rate varies with materials used that cause driving distances to be different. Thus, it is necessary to use the actual current waveform to perform battery discharge testing for performance evaluation which can serve as the basis for battery materials selection or BMS design.

The advanced dynamic current waveform discharge simulation software provided by Chroma is able to read actual recorded battery discharge waveform data in Excel format and use a digital/analog converter to control the Electronic Load to discharge the same current. This allows both automotive and battery pack manufacturers to simulate the application of irregular battery discharge and conduct repetitive tests in the lab rather than perform costly real road tests every time endurance evaluation is required or analysis is needed to test the material characteristics of a battery cell.

Record The Current Waveform During Road Test

Dynamic Discharge Simulation Software

Dynamic Current Waveform Discharge Test

Dynamic Current Waveform Discharge Test

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