PV Inverter (PCS) Test Guide

PV Inverter (PCS) Test Guide

This test guide covers terminologies, definitions, specifications, and test items of energy storage inverters’ power conversion systems (PCS).

Datasheet | 62000H-S

Datasheet | Solar Array Simulator DC Power Supply – 62000H-S

The latest programmable solar array simulator power supply 62000H-S Series released by Chroma provide simulation of Voc (open circuit voltage) up to 1800V and Isc (short circuit current) up to 30A. The 62000H-S provides an industry leading power density in a small 3U high package. The solar array simulator is highly stable and has a fast transient response design, which are both advantages to MPPT performance evaluation on PV inverter devices.

Battery Test Solutions

2023 Battery brochure

Brochure outlining Chroma battery testing solutions. Chroma satisfies battery test requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with your need for accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power – statically and dynamically.

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