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Latest ISO 16750-2 and GS 95024-2-1 Automotive Standards for Electrical Load testing(2017/03/28)

Chroma launches its latest electrical load testing software for automotive parts. This soft panel integrates international standards ISO 16750-2 and GS 95024-2-1 into the 62000P and 62000H series DC power supplies. It easily controls the DC power supply online to provide graphic curves for testing. It is suitable for R&D and QA units for conducting durability and stability verification on automotive electronics like LED headlamps, ECU, wiper motors, power windows, car stereo, GPS, chargers, and more.

The automotive parts electrical load testing software, which complies with ISO 16750-2 and GS 95024-2-1 standards, provides the following test items:

ItemISO 16750-2 standard
1Starting Profile test
2Reset behavior at voltage drop test
3Momentary drop in supply voltage test
4Slow decrease and increase of voltage test


GS 95024-2-1 standard
1Transient overvoltage test
2Transient undervoltage test
3Jump start test
4Slow decrease and increase of supply voltage test
5Slow decrease, quick increase of supply voltage test
6Reset behavior test
7Start pulses test
8Voltage curve with intelligent generator control test


Screenshots for the software are below:

For the 12V and 24V power systems commonly used in automobiles, the Chroma 62000P series has 40V,120A and 2400W output capability that is applicable for testing automotive parts, while the 62000H series has 40V,375A and 15KW power output capability that is large enough to simulate the entire vehicle’s power supply system.

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