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Chroma Opens East Coast Power Conversion Test Demo Room

Chroma Opens East Coast Power Conversion Test Demo Room

Marlborough, MA chosen as Chroma’s third demo room installation in North America for power conversion and electrical safety test equipment.

Chroma is proud to announce the opening of a new state of the art technology demo room in Marlborough, MA.  As Massachusetts is a hub for high technology industries, this location provides prospective and existing customers in the East the opportunity to interact with many of Chroma’s new power conversion and electrical safety testing technologies.

The demo room is the center of Chroma’s East coast sales and service facility and is the third demo facility Chroma has installed in North America.  (Look for Chroma to announce the opening of their EV and Battery Technology Center in Wixom, MI later this year.)  Other locations include Foothill Ranch, CA and Ciudad Juárez, MX. The demo room will feature many of Chroma’s newest test equipment, operational software, and computers in a comfortable, newly renovated space.  Video and audio conferencing systems are installed to allow on-line connection with remote customers.

Chroma’s Eastern Sales Manager, Peter Bannon, says: “We’re very much looking forward to customers visiting our facility either on-line or in person. Having an accessible demo room is extremely important as it allows our customers to experience first-hand the solutions we can provide.”

Two stand outs in the demo roster is Chroma’s new 17040 Regenerative Battery Test System and 61800 Regenerative Grid Simulator.  The 17040 is a high precision system designed for battery module and pack testing up to 600kW with 4 voltage and current ranges and also can serve as a battery simulator. It’s highly efficient and flexible design provides a regenerative solution reducing wasted energy that traditional equipment discharges in the form of heat.  Chroma’s 61800 Regenerative Grid Simulator is a full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, grid simulator with advanced features for compliance, safety and product verification testing.  Specifically designed for PV inverter, Smart Grid and EV related test applications, the 61800 provides 30kVA to 630kVA of power with 0~330VL-N / 0~570VL-L output voltage.  The balance of the demo equipment will include – but will not be limited to – DC power supplies, solar array simulators, electronic loads, power meters, hipot testers, and LCR meters.

The demo room will be open during regular business hours Monday through Friday by appointment only.  Visitors will be able to discuss their requirements with Chroma’s engineering staff who will run the hardware and software demos based on their or a similar application.

If you are interested in scheduling a demo either in person or on-line, need directions, or would simply like to learn more about our test solutions, please call the facility at 978-461-2100 or send us a message.

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