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This test guide covers terminologies, definitions, specifications, and test items of energy storage inverters' power conversion systems (PCS).

Regenerative energy sources such as solar and wind often have unstable and intermittent power supply complications that can affect grid stability. An Energy Storage System (ESS) can reduce these complications, stabilizing grid operation, and adjusts peak load to maintain the power supply, so giving the end user increased applications and benefits.

The ESS is an important part in developing smart grids and microgrids, and used to balance the power load, steady the power supply, and enhance the power quality. Different from PV Inverters, Power Conversion System (PCS) are equipped with on-grid constant current output and off-grid current voltage modes as well as charge/discharge transfer and other features. This makes testing a PCS even more complicated and needs even more instrumentation to fit its many requirements.

Along with the diverse developments and applications of energy storage technology, various countries have implemented regulations on these technologies, such as GB/T 34120, GB/T 34133, IEC62933, and SGSF-04-2012-07 to encourage a sound and sustainable development of the energy storage industry.

Combining our vast experience in the PV industry and international regulatory requirements, Chroma has compiled a comprehensive overview of these standards’ goals and methods in this PV Inverter (PCS) Test Guide. The guide contains tests on PCS performance, PCS input and output characteristics, PCS protection characteristics, and PV characteristics test and provides the industry with test references on product verification.

This PCS test guide includes over 20 test descriptions:

  • PCS Performance Tests
    • Charge/Discharge Transfer Time, Active Grid Mode and Islanded Mode Switch…
  • PCS Input and Output Characteristics Test
    • Rectification Charging Efficiency, PCS Efficiency in Grid Mode, PCS Efficiency in Islanded Mode…
  • PCS Protection Characteristics Test
    • Over Load in Grid Mode, Over Load in Islanded Mode…
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Characteristics Test
    • MPPT Efficiency, PV Conversion Efficiency…