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Jul 2016

Manuals – 19035 Hybrid Wound Component EST Scanner

User Manuals for 16502 Milliohm Meter. Available documents are: Quick Start Guide – 19035 Quick Start Guide – 19035L Hardware User Manual – 19035 Hardware User Manual – 19035L All files in PDF format.


Jan 2016

CSS 2015 Folleto de Productos

Este folleto contiene información acerca de los productos que Chroma Systems Solutions ofrece.


Mar 2015

Heater Testing Simplified With the Wound Component EST Scanner Model 19035

At a minimum there are two production tests which all heater manufacturers perform in addition to ensuring the heater is operating properly. One test performed is a DC resistance test; the other test is a dielectric withstand test, more commonly known as a Hipot test. In many cases two pieces of test equipment are used to accomplish these two measurements. The Wound Component EST Scanner...

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Aug 2014

Battery Test Solutions

Brochure outlining Chroma battery testing solutions. Chroma satisfies battery test requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with your need for accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power – statically and dynamically.


Aug 2014

UL Standard

This application note provides an overview of UL standards.


Aug 2014

Testing Filter Capacitors On Medical Devices

This application note will show how the hipot tester can be used not just as a means to check the DC Leakage Current or the Insulation Resistance, but can also be used to verify the existence and the value of a filter capacitor.


Aug 2014

Tutorial On Safety Testing

This application note provides a tutorial on safety testing for UL certification of products.

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