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Capris Engineering and Chroma to Provide Power Testing Solutions for Central America


[one_third]Capris Efficiency Test System. Picture shows (2) Chroma 61611 AC Power Sources side by side integrated with National Instruments equipment.[/one_third][two_third]Capris Efficiency Test System. Picture shows (2) Chroma 61611 AC Power Sources side by side integrated with National Instruments equipment.[/two_third]

Capris Engineering of Costa Rica and Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc., Foothill Ranch, California have partnered to provide state-of-the-art power and safety test equipment to the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) for appliance efficiency testing in Costa Rica and throughout South America.

Foothill Ranch, CA: Capris Engineering and Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. today announced the partnership of the two companies aimed to provide automated test solutions for the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE). ICE is a property of Costa Rican Corporation, which provides electricity and telecommunications solutions, contributing to economic, social and environmental development. Test systems provide environmental and process monitoring and electronic testing for quality control, energy consumption and energy efficiency testing of a wide range of consumer products.

In 2010, Costa Rica’s then-President Oscar Arias set a goal for the country to become the first carbon neutral country by the year 2021. In the five years since the goal was set, the country has made great progress in reforestation and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Pursuit to this goal the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) was established to encourage and monitor the greater use of energy efficient products throughout South America. Capris Engineering has been chartered to equip ICE’s Efficiency Lab where they test and certify electrical products that are sold throughout Central America. Capris partnered with Chroma Systems solutions to provide high power AC sources, electronic loads, multimeters, and electrical safety analyzers with CaptiVATE™ software. Chroma’s equipment will be primarily used in the appliance lab where all types of consumer appliances including washing machines, refrigerators, and electric stoves will be tested for energy efficiency.

Chroma’s 61600 High Power AC Sources can provide up to 90KVA of power in parallel and a voltage range up to 300V. Their 63800 AC Electronic Loads maximum paralleled power is rated at 22.5KW single phase / 67.5KW three phase and include a Crest Factor Range of 1.414 to 5.0. For safety testing, the Guardian Electrical Safety Analyzer provides Hipot, Insulation Resistance (IR), Ground Bond (GB), Leakage Current (LC), and Dynamic Function Tests. Chroma’s CaptiVATE™ software allows for the creation of test sequences, data capture, bar code scanning of device model and serial number, automatic recall of test setup based upon model number and saving of all data into a database for trending and analysis.

About Capris Engineering

An organization with 60 years of experience in Industrial Maintenance, CAPRIS Corp., decided in 1996 to form an independent engineering arm: CAPRIS ENGINEERING, focused on customized solutions for Environmental and Process Monitoring Systems, Advanced Electronic Test and Quality Control, Energy Consumption Monitoring and Energy Efficiency Systems for the industrial markets, becoming a leading partner of hi-tech industries. Headquartered in Costa Rica and with a headcount of 360+, Capris Corp. has subsidiaries in Colombia, El Salvador and Panamá and a well established reputation in other international markets. For more information, please visit

About Chroma Systems Solutions

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc. is a leader in providing power electronics and electrical safety testing instrumentation and systems. Chroma’s programmable power supplies, electronic loads, meters, hipot testers and automated testing systems provide solutions for applications in Aerospace, Military, Commercial, Medical, Battery, Marine, and Regulatory Testing as well as green energy markets including Solar, Electric Vehicle and LED. With offices and manufacturing facilities located around the globe, Chroma is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment for compliance and R&D test engineers as well as unparalleled service and support. Chroma Systems Solutions corporate office is located in Foothill Ranch, CA. For more information, please visit or call us at (949) 600-6400.

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