Mobile Charger Common-Mode Noise Measurement

Mobile Charger Common-Mode Noise Measurement

Common-mode noise voltage pulses from AC-DC chargers can affect the signal reception of capacitive panels during charging, which may lead to inaccurate touch readings or false touch signals. This has prompted cell phone manufacturers and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to jointly develop the IEC 62684 Standard to harmonize charger interfaces. Charger manufacturers are looking […]

Chroma Test Systems Fill The Bill For ATX12VO Power Supply Testing

Computer chip specifications are evolving at a rapid pace. This drives industry associations and other organizations in the power conversion field to keep raising their efficiency requirements and certification standards. As a result, the ATX12V Power Supply Design Guide launched by Intel in 2000 is no longer suitable to serve as a standard for today’s […]

How to Test a DC-DC Converter for Quality and Reliability

This post describes how to test a DC-DC converter. DC-DC converters are devices used to convert one DC voltage to another. DC-DC converters are used in a wide variety of products from portable devices such as cell phones, notebooks and laptop computers to electric vehicles and avionics. The range of input voltages and output voltages […]

Electronic Load for Low Voltage, High Current Applications

As server computers and networking systems become more powerful, point of load DC/DC voltages for CPUs are continuing trend lower (below 1V) while demanding higher currents. To satisfy the needs of test engineers, we have released a new DC electronic load for low voltage, high current applications. The 63206A-60-1000 DC Electronic Load provides up to […]

Basic Hipot to Advanced Analyzers, We’ve Got you Covered

Electrical Safety Test: Basic Hipot to Advanced Analyzers, We’ve Got you Covered Hipot or dielectric withstand testers and analyzers manufactured by Chroma are used for conducting electrical safety tests on electrical components and products to verify compliance with IEC, UL, TUV, CSA, EN as well as complex medical safety testing to ensure human safety and […]

Museum Dedicates B-17 Powered By Chroma DC Power Supplies

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum dedicates its B-17 ‘City of Savannah’ Restoration Project to hundreds of spectators. Foothill Ranch, CA: On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum dedicated its B-17 ‘City of Savannah’ Restoration Project to hundreds of spectators including World War II veterans, current military personnel and the many […]

Chroma donates DC Supplies to Mighty Eighth Museum

The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum is preserving the legacy of the Greatest Generation in part through a restoration project of a B-17 bomber. On Tuesday, the “B-17 Flying Fortress City of Savannah” received a power boost from a California company. Chroma Systems Solutions donated equipment with a price tag of more than $15,000. The bomber […]

Battery Charge/Discharge Test Software

Chroma has developed two software modules that integrate a DC power supply and an electronic load for battery pack testing. The Battery Charge/Discharge Testing Software programs the test sequence, loop and stop conditions. The measured voltage, current and power data is recorded in a file for future analysis. The Dynamic Current Waveform Simulation Software records […]

Battery Charge/Discharge Test Solutions

Satisfy your Battery Test Requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge (DoD) with accuracy in measuring voltage, current, temperature and power both statically and dynamically. DC Impedance Measurement For Battery Cell The battery pack for electric vehicles requires the battery cells be […]

Chroma’s PV Inverter Automatic Test Application

This Automated Test System uses the unique test command optimization technology to prevent the repeating control commands from sending to the system hardware devices. This improves the system test speed dramatically and makes Chroma 8000 PV Inverter Automatic Test Application, which uses open software architecture, highly efficient as a close or optimized automated test system. […]

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