Oct 2012

Chroma Adds High Accuracy Data Loggers

Lake Forest, CA: Chroma Systems Solutions, world leading provider of electrical power test equipment and systems, announces the release of their new 51101 series of multi-function data loggers. The 51101 multi-function data loggers fulfill requirements of recording temperatures, voltages, currents, and other behavioral measurements during research, product development, production, and quality assurance procedures with recordable channels ranging from one to several hundred. [Read Full Press...

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Oct 2011

Product Focus: LED Power Driver Automated Test System

The Chroma 8491 Automated Test System is equipped with optimized standard test items for LED driver testing (lighting & TV backlight). The user is only required to define the test conditions and specifications for the standard test items to perform the test. The optimized test items cover 6 types of power supply test requirements. “Output Performances” verifies the output characteristics of the UUT. “Input Characteristics”...

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Aug 2011

Meeting Industry Needs for LED Driver Testing

LED Lighting has proven to be more efficient and have a longer life than the Incandescent and fluorescent lights. The Led is now available in almost all applications for lighting from Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lighting. Uses include the full range from Mood Lighting, Task Lighting, Security Lighting, Signage, and Computer / TV displays just to name a few. Because LED’s are a current driven...

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Jul 2011

63110A LED Load Operating Instructions Demo

Chroma has created the industries first LED simulator for LED driver testing with our 63110A/13A electronic load modules. These DC Load Modules overcome problems found in using other mfg’s E-Loads or LED’s for testing drivers. Most E-Load manufacturers have similar designs but are unable to simulate the I-V curve of the LED as well as internal capacitances causing abnormal OCP, OVP. Therefore, other E-Loads are...

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Mar 2011

63110A Model DC Electronic Load with LED Simulation

Chroma has created the industry’s first LED simulator for LED driver testing with our 63110A electronic load. The LED’s forward voltage and operating resistance can be set to further adjust the loading and ripple current to better simulate LED characteristics. The 63110A load also has increased bandwidth to allow for PWM dimming testing. Read More