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63110A LED Load Operating Instructions Demo

63110A/13A Model DC Electronic Load Modules with LED SimulationChroma has created the industries first LED simulator for LED driver testing with our 63110A/13A electronic load modules. These DC Load Modules overcome problems found in using other mfg’s E-Loads or LED’s for testing drivers. Most E-Load manufacturers have similar designs but are unable to simulate the I-V curve of the LED as well as internal capacitances causing abnormal OCP, OVP. Therefore, other E-Loads are not suitable for testing LED drivers. This what sets Chroma’s 63110A/13A electronic load modules apart from similar instruments. The 63110A/13A was specifically designed to simulate LED characteristics to test the functions of LED drivers. Not only can it test in stable conditions, it can also test turn on, PWM dimming characteristics of the LED driver and the Rd value can be adjusted according to the LED V-I curve making it an irreplaceable load choice for LED driver testing. Chroma has put together the 63110A LED Load Operating Instructions Demo to help you take full advantage of the 63110A/13A electronic load modules.

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