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Prueba de inversores fotovoltaicos y sistemas de almacenamiento de energía [VIDEO]

Prueba de inversores fotovoltaicos y sistemas de almacenamiento de energía

Un inversor fotovoltaico convierte la corriente directa de la salida de una celda solar o de un arreglo de celdas solares en corriente alterna la cual puede ser inyectada directamente a la red eléctrica. El inversor fotovoltaico es un componente esencial dentro de un sistema fotovoltaico, permitiendo el uso de dispositivos comerciales y caseros que […]

Chroma’s 17010 Battery Cell Reliability Test System [VIDEO]

As a key component of EV, the battery cell must pass many rigorous charge/discharge tests to ensure its characteristics and life. The tests directly affect the EV’s performance, cost, and reliability. Driving an EV on the road requires continuous battery charging and discharging and rapid load charging. Chroma 17010 Battery Cell Reliability Test System is […]

How to Simulate Low Power Real World Grid Characteristics [VIDEO]

How to Simulate Low Power Real World Grid Characteristics

Manufacturers of new low power green energy products such as residential PV Inverters, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and Bidirectional On-board Chargers (BOBC) need real world grid simulation to fully test their products. But how can this be done competitively since traditionally, regenerative grid simulators have been designed and priced […]

Chroma Bidirectional DC Power Supply Operation [VIDEO]

Increasing developments in renewable energies along with the rapid growth of electric vehicles are motivating the commercialization of distributed energy sources in micro grids. The same goes for the bidirectional design of power conversion devices. These devices are motivating battery applications to achieve higher efficiencies, higher voltage conversion, and higher power densities. With that said, […]

Drivers para luminarias LED. Metodología y recomendaciones de prueba

En la actualidad las lámparas de LED pasaron a ser de un concepto innovador al nuevo estándar en la industria de iluminación debido a su bajo consumo de potencia, calentamiento e intensidad luminosa, lo cual ha llevado a un incremento en la demanda de producción de drivers de LED más eficientes y para mayor potencia. […]

What is there to know about Bidirectional DC Power Supplies?

Bidirectional DC Power Supplies operate as both power supply and regenerative DC load. This capability is increasingly important in the renewable energy and electric vehicle industries. Chroma 62000D provides programmable DC power with a high speed transient response less than 1.5ms, and can operate in constant voltage, constant current, and constant power modes. As a […]

Sentinel Series: IEC60601 Medical Device Automated Test Systems with IQ/OQ Test Protocol Documents

Chroma Sentinel Systems are automated test systems with software designed specifically for Medical device compliance testing of multi-functional patient monitoring equipment to IEC60601-1 and IEC60601-2-49 Standards. Sentinel Systems are also the only complete test systems with IQ/OQ test protocol documents built right in. Most systems are delivered in 4 weeks with no NRE costs. Sentinel […]

Stators, Transformers, Inductors: Solving Issues of Testing for Safety and Quality

Safety and quality testing for defects or even potential defects in component windings like a layer short, corona or partial discharge, or flashover is critical in early phases of design and throughout production. Until now, makers of wound components like motor stators, transformers, and inductors required several instruments and multiple test stations active in order […]

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