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Chroma 61509 Upgraded to Test Power Input of Redundant Servers

Chroma 61509 Upgraded to Test Power Input of Redundant Servers

High-speed information transfer services have become mainstream in the IT industry. Over the past five years, the world’s annual data transmission volume increased by about 20% while the data centers expanded by 10% in scale. The rapid development of high-density data centers has also highlighted the importance of server power distribution.

In order to ensure power consumption stability throughout the system, many major IT manufacturers have adopted redundant power configurations in the server cabinets at their data centers. Common architecture strategies include N+1 and N+N. Here, N is the variable number of power supplies. Data centers are configured with different N to meet the basic power requirements of various types of servers. Furthermore, +1 and +N represent the count of redundant power; when a main power fails, the backup power can be imported immediately to avoid system shut down. Take 3kW server power as an example, its N=2 redundant configuration is shown in the figure below.

▲N=2 Redundant Server Power Configuration

The power density of the server cabinet has more than doubled over the past five years. Not only has the rating of the server power advanced from 2kW to over 3kW, the redundant configuration also caused multiple power modules to be used. This spurred the already great increase in test requirements for server power total rating. For today’s mainstream types of server power, such as high-voltage AC/DC input or low-voltage DC input, Chroma 61509 AC/DC Power Source provides a complete and accurate test solution. The power supply has already seen several successful applications and has been adopted by major IT manufacturers so far.

Chroma 61509 now launches an upgraded parallel function that meets the requirements for redundant server power testing. The wide output rating of up to 30kVA AC or 30kW DC can match any required power and provide more flexible applications for a variety of server power configurations. In parallel mode, Chroma 61509 can provide excellent test functions such as: single/three-phase output, 350Vac wide-range output voltage, up to 5kHz output frequency, PLD simulation (List, Pulse, Step modes), as well as harmonic and inter-harmonic synthesis.
By delivering excellent DC compensation and strong tolerance capability to capacitance, Chroma 61509 can meet transient test requirements from DC-type server power, even achieving accurate and stable µs-grade DC output. The power source offers an advanced solution for server power testing.

▲Upgraded Chroma 61509 with 5 Units in Parallel Function

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