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One Gets Three! All-new 1U DC Power Supply with 3-channel Output

One Gets Three! All-new 1U DC Power Supply with 3-channel Output

Chroma ATE launches the 62000E series of 1U DC power supplies with 3-channel output. This brand new addition to Chroma’s line of power supplies adopts full digital circuit control and high-power SiC MOSFET power devices as well as high-speed stability, high-power density, and 92% high efficiency. The 28 models offer either single-channel or 3-channel output, output power from 1.7kW to 5kW per channel, voltage output ranging of 230V to 1200V, and output current up to 22.5A.

The 62000E series power supplies apply to a variety of multi-channel testing and production processes. Whether it is system testing of automotive components, supply reliability testing of aerospace and satellite power systems, long-term durability testing of active and passive components, integrating power supplies to industrial and medical systems, supply and aging testing of semiconductor power components, diode testing of LED and lasers, or production and aging testing of solar modules, the 62000E supplies provide the best solutions.

▲62000E DC Power Supply

Compared with traditional power solutions, the 62000E series adopts a high-power density design that can output up to three channels of 1.7kW in a 1U small and lightweight chassis. Each channel is isolated for independent voltage/current control and measurement. The industry-leading power density saves space, simplifies cable configuration, reduces energy loss, and lowers production costs.

▲Chroma 62000E Series: 3-channel Output Model Configuration

The 62000E series is divided into auto-range output and fixed-range output models. The auto-range models offer high-voltage/low-current output as well as low-voltage/high-current output. They are suited for integration into automated test systems (ATE) and can replace multiple DC power supplies with a single 62000E model, saving both cost and space. The fixed-range power supplies are an economical choice for use in production of devices under test (DUTs) with set specifications.

▲62017E-600P-3 (Auto-range Output) vs. 62017E-600-3 (Fixed-range Output)

In addition, the 62000E series has a remote web control interface that allows access through the web browser of your phone, tablet, or computer. Users can directly monitor the test status of multiple DC power supplies and DUTs anytime and from anywhere. This greatly improves work efficiencies by reducing the frequency of on-site inspections by the engineer.

▲62000E Series Remote Web Control

For more details on these and other products, please visit Chroma’s website and leave your inquiry. We are happy to be of service.

Chroma 62000E Programmable DC Power Supply

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