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Create DateJune 5, 2020
Last UpdatedSeptember 14, 2021
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Countless types of devices get their power from the grid. Any device that receives its power from the grid generally has design and manufacturing standards that require testing for Compliance, Reliability, and Safety. Power Line Disturbances (PLD) related to utility power (the Grid) are defined as variations in the AC voltage amplitude, frequency, and waveform distortions. Terminology related to PLD’s are sag, surge, swell, harmonic, inter-harmonic, transients, and noise. Testing devices for susceptibility to power line disturbances are defined in several standards and a critical part of development. The most common standard is the IEC61000.

This seminar will cover the different types of Power Line Disturbances, definitions, and applications as well as the test equipment, particularly AC Power Sources that have the programmability to simulate Power Line Disturbances.


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