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Fifth Year in a Row! Chroma Designated Test Equipment for IFEC Student Competition

Fifth Year in a Row! Chroma Designated Test Equipment for IFEC Student Competition


The International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC 2020) is a major global student competition and accomplished its final competition at Aalborg University in Denmark. Chroma has been the sole official provider of the competition’s test equipment for the fifth consecutive year. This lustrum demonstrates both Chroma’s technical strength as well as the importance it attaches to close collaboration between the industry and academia.
The pandemic-proof power testing solution designed for the final teams featured control software to operate the equipment remotely after the on-site wiring was set up. In addition, with high-efficiency, high-density, and composite “Power Supply for Nano Satellites” at the center of this year’s competition (Figure 1), the Chroma 8000 automated test system was tailored (Figure 2) to provide complete test data as a reference for the committees’ evaluation.

▲Figure 1 – Nanosatellite Power Supply Specifications

▲Figure 2 – Nanosatellite Testing Configuration for the Final Test

In order to meet the high-precision and composite input/output test requirements of this competition, the Chroma 8000 automated test system was equipped with the 62000H-S solar array simulators, the 69200 battery simulators, and the 63600 high-precision electronic load. The open software architecture and preset test items met the comprehensive test requirements of the competition’s power supply. Mr. Yongheng Yangthe IFEC 2020 general co-chair at Aalborg University, acclaimed the stable and excellent performance of the test equipment.

Chroma is honored to contribute its industry experience to this international energy design competition, and will continue to participate in various academia and support the cultivation of future talents in the electronics field. For the results of the IFEC 2020 competition and other related information, please follow the link to the IFEC website:

With well over 30 years of experience in the field of precision test equipment, Chroma is the leader of automated test systems. The specialist in a wide range of power and electricity related test applications continuously rides the wave of developing trends in new energy. To this extend, Chroma is actively engaged in electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other industries to provide a full range of test solutions.

▲Using Chroma 8000 ATS at IFEC 2020

Electric Vehicle Test Solutions

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