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New 1U High Chroma DC Power Supply with Web Interface for Remote Monitoring

New 1U High Chroma DC Power Supply with Web Interface for Remote Monitoring

The development of electronic components often requires long-term or repeated testing during quality assurance or product verification stages. For example, aging of semiconductor power components, long-term durability of active and passive components, LED and laser diode, aging of solar modules, and similar tests all necessitate a long-running and stable DC power supply. Moreover, processing multiple batches calls for a large number of channels.

Since these are lengthy, repetitive types of tests and verifications, test operators need to regularly confirm the test status and logs. Abnormalities found by the test equipment are often not found until the status is manually confirmed. Chroma launched the 62000E series of single-channel/three-channel DC power supplies that are only 1U high and provide the high-speed transient response and low-noise output characteristics of traditional linear regulators. The remote web control interface does not require additional software or drivers; users can just open a browser, whether on a computer, smart phone, or tablet, to remotely read and control the data. When the equipment detects any abnormality, besides an alarm sound from the device, the web interface will also send an alarm message so that users can follow the on-site status remotely.

Chroma 62000E series currently includes a total of 28 different models for either single-channel or three-channel applications. Each channel has an output power range between 1.7kW and 5kW, a voltage range between 230V and 1200V, and an output current of up to 22.5A. The web interface can control up to 10 devices concurrently, which means up to 30 channels, offering users convenient remote status monitoring of all instruments at once. In addition to basic settings and voltage/current control, the web interface also supports SCPI command programming for control over all instruments; users can write their own test scripts based on specific requirements to perform multiple voltage changes and conduct voltage disturbance changes over varying time periods.

For more details on these and other products, please visit Chroma’s website. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are happy to be of service.

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