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New Release: 30kVA Regenerative Grid Simulator

30kVA Regenerative Grid Simulator application showing power sources and integration with the grid.

Packed with advanced features to satisfy regulation testing to standards such as IEEE 1547, IEC 61000-3-15, IEC 62116 ensuring proper and safe operation of on-grid products.

We just released a new addition to our 61800 series of Regenerative Grid Simulators. The 61830 is a full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, 30kVA AC power source with advanced features satisfying rigorous regulatory standards testing as well as design and verification testing throughout the product development cycle. Designed to simulate grid characteristics, the 61800 is ideal for testing PV inverter, on-line UPS, Smart Grid, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Energy Storage System (ESS) applications as well as common electrical product testing such as home appliances and industrial electronics requiring a programmable input source.

[list-ul type=”circle”][li-row]Chroma’s standard output voltage of 330V L-N as compared to 300V L-N found in the market (0-300V L-N range does not sufficiently cover a +10% variation for 480V L-L applications)[/li-row][li-row]Optional 0-400V L-N / 0-692V L-L opt. that does not require a transformer[/li-row][li-row]Maximum power delivered down to 200VAC L-N which provides a wider output power range[/li-row][li-row]Better front panel display with a real time waveform viewer[/li-row][/list-ul]

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YouTube: Regenerative Grid Simulator 61800

This video describes the 61800 series and it’s applications.

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