High Power DC Electronic Loads – 63200A

Chroma High Power DC Electronic Loads provide wider operating voltage and current ranges up to 240kW, sine wave loading, dynamic frequency sweep to 50kHz, digitizing, MPPT, an impressive front panel that tilts, and the highest accuracy available (voltage 0.015%+0.015%F.S. and current 0.04%+0.04%F.S.) – all with an incredibly high power density (6kW @4U).

New Model Release for Low Voltage, High Current Applications:
The 63200A-60-1000 load provides up to 1,000A @ 0.6V (it derates linearly to lower voltages, e.g. 500A @ 0.3V) and has an overall operating range of 0-60V & 0-1,000A at 6kW.
High Power DC Electronic Loads by Chroma

Key Features

  • Datasheet
  • Rated power : 3kW – 24kW, max. 240kW (parallel)
  • Voltage range : 60V, 150V, 600V, 1200V
  • Current range : 2000A max. per unit
  • CC, CR, CV & CP operation modes
  • CR+CC, CR+CV, CC+CV complex modes
  • Up to 20 units master/slave parallel control
  • Dynamic synchronous control in static and dynamic loads
  • User defined waveform (UDW)
  • CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation
  • External loading current simulation
  • Auto frequency sweep up to 50kHz
  • Real time power supply load transient response simulation & Vpk+/- measurement
  • User programmable 255 sequential front panel input status
  • Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement
  • Precision high speed digitizing measurement/data capture
  • Voltage, current & Pmax measurement for OCP/OLP test
  • Timing & discharging measurement for batteries
  • Instant overpower loading
  • Short circuit simulation
  • Smart fan control
  • Full protection: OC (adjustable), OT, OP (adjustable) protection & OV warning
  • Standard USB, optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces


Chroma’s 63200A series high power electronic loads with built in digital signal microprocessors (200MHz) provide optimal speed and control performance. The ultra-high density power (6kW@4U) not only saves room, its super high voltage (0.015%+0.015%F.S.) and current (0.04%+0.04%F.S.) measurement accuracy ensures the dependability of test results. In addition, the entire series can either be operated by hand or controlled remotely. For higher power demands, master/slave control can be used to parallel multiple units for operation. These electronic loads also have synchronous loading capabilities to simulate actual loading status.

The 63200A series is complete with 150V, 600V and 1200V voltage ranges and 3kW to 24kW power ranges. The maximum current of a single unit is 2000A and up to 240kW when paralleled. These high power DC electronic loads are designed for testing server power supplies, A/D power supplies, batteries and energy storage systems, EV/EVSE, solar, and other power electronics.


  • Highest accuracy found in any high power DC load
  • Highest power density available (6kW @4U)
  • The sine wave loading function allows for the setting of a current bias (I_DC), a loading sine wave (I_AC), and the sine wave frequency
  • User defined waveform (UDW) and external signal control functions to simulate real world current waveforms
  • Auto frequency dynamic sweep function
  • The digitizing function allows for the recording of both voltage and current waveforms
  • Complex operating modes including CR+CC, CV+CR and CV+CC modes
  • Smart PWM fan speed control reduces unnecessary fan noise
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) display avoids heat problems found in other displays

Ultra High Power Density & User-Defined Hot Key Design

Chroma’s world leading ultra high power density design eliminates oversized and difficult to move high power electronic loads. With it’s small footprint, it solves space issues when upgrading electronic loads in automated test systems. In addition, the 63200A provides 4 sets of user defined hot keys that enable the user to enter operation modes quickly.

63200A Faceplate


Iconic Function Selections

Iconic function selections make it easier for users to control and operate the 63200A series. Basic and advanced functions are iconized, so that users can select from the functions either from the rotary knob or using arrow keys. The abbreviations are displayed in the icons, and full descriptions are displayed on the VFD display to allow users to easily operate the load without referring to an operation manual for every step.

62000A Faceplate Icons

62000A Faceplate Icons


Tiltable Front Panel

The 63200A series is equipped with a tiltable front panel for 7U, 10U & 13U height models. The selectable angles are set to 25°, 50° & 75°. This design allows for convenient operation when the unit is below direct line of sight, making it easy to read and manipulate the controls.

63200A Multi-angle Flippable Front Panel


Applications For Basic Load Functions

The 63200A series electronic loads operate in constant voltage, current, resistance, power and impedance modes to satisfy a wide range of test requirements. For instance, the CC and CR modes can ensure that the UUT voltage outputs are stable when the load varies. For battery chargers or charging stations, CV mode can change their output voltage to ensure the precision of the charging current. When the UUT is a battery, the electronic load can change discharge rates to simulate the device load behavior. Many battery discharge applications and power consumption profiles can be simulated for analysis, making CP mode the best choice for simulating electronic devices.

62000A Basic Load Mode Graphs


Master/Slave Parallel Control

When there is a need for increased power, two or more loads can be run in parallel to achieve the desired load current. The 63200A provides smart Master/Slave mode controls that allows the user to program the load currents at the Master and have them automatically calculated and downloaded to the slave loads. Using several loads in parallel to emulate a single load dramatically simplifies operation. All models of the 63200A series can be integrated into a 41U standard rack to save space. The 63200A can be controlled and reconfigured with automated testing applications via USB (standard), GPIB and Ethernet/LXI (optional) interfaces.

62000A Parallel Operation


Sine Wave Dynamic Load

The 63200A series has a unique sine wave loading function which allows for the setting of a current bias (I_DC), a loading sine wave (I_AC), and the sine wave frequency. The sine wave loading must be greater than or equal to zero ampere. This function can be used for DCIR testing of D/D, ATX power supplies and fuel cells.

Dynamic Load

Modern electronic devices operate at very high speeds and demand rapid transient response characteristics. To address these applications, the 63200A series offers high speed, programmable dynamic loading and sweep simulation for testing. The figure shown exhibits the programmable parameters such as current high/low level, T1/T2, rise/fall rate and execution times. When the load current changes continuously, the internal monitoring mechanism and line circuit can minimize the current waveform distortion. The current rise minimum response time for the 150V model is 10μs and the dynamic change is up to 50kHz.

62000A Illustration of Sine Wave Dynamic and Sweep load operation

The dynamic mode provides a unique simulation capability allowing users to set the number of times each cycle repeats from 1 ~ 65535. This feature is very suitable for testing D/D converter and instant large withstand current of batteries.

63200A Dynamic Mode example


Dynamic Frequency Sweep Control

The 63200A also offers a unique dynamic frequency sweep (as shown on the right) with variable frequencies up to 50kHz. This capability is ideal for determining worst case voltage peaks. Measurement of the Vpeak (+/-) can be achieved using this function with a sampling rate of 500kHz. The dynamic loading mode can simulate different loading conditions for most test requirements. Dedicated remote load sensors and control circuits guarantee minimum waveform distortion during dynamic loading.

63200A Dynamic Frequency Sweep example


Constant Impedance Mode (CZ Mode)

There are many capacitors on the mainboard of modern PCs. To prevent the inrush current from occurring and triggering over current protection of the server power (since the server power charges the capacitors on the mainboard), it is necessary to test the capacitive loading when turning on the power supply. The 63200A series provides the CZ mode for this test.

The unique CZ mode built into the 63200A series can improve the loading behavior of CC & CP mode and make the simulated loading current more realistic.

63200a CZ mode


Ultra High Precision Measurement

The 63200A series provides three operating current ranges and a built-in highly precision A/D converter, achieving 0.015%+0.015%F.S., 0.04%+0.04%F.S. and 0.1%+0.1%F.S. accuracy for voltage, current and power measurement respectively. Precise measurements like these are ideal for testing power efficiency and other critical parameters of the UUT’s.


Over Current & Over Power Testing

To ensure user safety and minimize power supply failure rate, overcurrent and overpower protections have to be taken into consideration during design. The 63200A enables the user to set current and power orders to test overcurrent and overpower protections, also to judge the test result as Pass or Fail on electronic load. The maximum power (Pmax) during testing can be captured and showed on the display without using an oscilloscope to verify the correctness of designed overcurrent and overpower. It can save a lot of testing time for the user.

63200A User Overcurrent Protection


User Defined Waveforms

In addition to common CC, CV, CP and CR loading modes of conventional loads, the 63200A accepts digital data from DAQ cards or analog data from function generators to allow for complex waveforms to be created.

The 63200A also provides an enhanced feature, User Defined Waveform (UDW), to simulate actual current profiles and waveforms. To reconstruct the actual current waveforms, the user can simply upload the captured waveform data into any load via a Chroma softpanel. Each load is capable of storing up to 10 sets of waveforms with each comprising up to 1.5 millions data points to meet the more strenuous test requirements.

63200A User Defined Waveforms

In addition, the 63200A series also provides voltage peak measurement during actual loading conditions. Avoiding the need for using an oscilloscope to capture the voltage peak, saving time and costs.


Battery Discharge Testing

The 63200A has three discharge modes: CC, CR and CP. The electronic load can set cut off voltage and time (1~100,000 sec.) to end loading correctly and make sure the battery is not damaged due to over discharge. In addition it can measure the battery discharge power (WH, AH) and total discharge time. For example, when Load ON is pressed, the 63200A internal clock will start counting until the battery voltage drops to its cut off voltage or Load OFF is pressed. The battery discharge tests can also apply to super capacitors for discharge time testing.

63200A Battery Discharge Testing - Timer Function


Programmable Load Timing

The 63200A series electronic load has 256 programmable timings built in for various load condition simulations. The following lists applications for common programmed timings.

    1. Battery discharge (NPC, electric car, electric locomotive, etc.) simulating various dynamic load current waveforms, providing two levels above dynamic current simulation or one shot load simulation. (For single channel output UUT.)
    2. ATX12V power supply mixed load modulation. (For multi channel output UUT.)
    3. Printer power supply for peak power cycle testing. (For three channel output UUT.)

63200A Programmable Load Timing


Digitizing Function

The 63200A series offers a digitizing function convenient for the recording of transients in both voltage and current waveforms. The following are the specifications for setting the parameters:

Sampling time: 2μs ~ 40ms / resolution: 2μs (Setting the interval of sampling time)
Sampling point: 1 ~ 15,000 (Setting the total sampling points)


Complex Operating Modes

New complex operating modes include CR+CC, CV+CR and CV+CC modes. The CR+CC mode is suitable for power on testing and the CV+CR mode can replace Von setting while the CV+CC mode can be used for battery discharge testing.

63200A Complex Operating Modes


Auto Mode

This mode automatically switches among CV, CR, CC and CP modes. It is suitable for lithium ion battery charger testing to get a complete V-I charging curve. Moreover, the auto mode can avoid damaging the UUT when the protection circuit is damaged.


Remote Softpanel Operation

The 63200A series loads can be operated either from the front panel controls or from an available softpanel. This user friendly software includes all the functions of the 63200A series loads and is easy to understand and operate. The 63200A loads can be controlled via standard USB, or optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces, for remote control and automated testing applications.

Model Height Description
63203A-150-300 3U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 300A/ 3kW
63203A-600-210 3U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 210A / 3kW
63203A-1200-120 3U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 120A / 3kW
63204A-150-400 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 400A/ 4kW
63205A-150-500 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 500A / 5kW
63206A-150-600 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 600A / 6kW
63204A-600-280 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 280A / 4kW
63205A-600-350 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 350A /5kW
63206A-600-420 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 420A /6kW
63204A-1200-160 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 160A / 4kW
63205A-1200-200 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 200A / 5kW
63206A-1200-240 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 240A / 6kW
63206A-60-1000 4U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 60V / 1000A / 6kW
63208A-150-800 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 800A/ 8kW
63210A-150-1000 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 1000A/ 10kW
63212A-150-1200 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 1200A/ 12kW
63208A-600-560 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 560A/ 8kW
63210A-600-700 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 700A/ 10kW
63212A-600-840 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 840A/ 12kW
63208A-1200-320 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 320A/ 8kW
63210A-1200-400 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 400A/ 10kW
63212A-1200-480 7U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 480A/ 12kW
63215A-150-1500 10U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 1500A/ 15kW
63218A-150-1800 10U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 1800A/ 18kW
63215A-600-1050 10U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 1050A/ 15kW
63218A-600-1260 10U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 1260A/ 18kW
63215A-1200-600 10U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 600A/ 15kW
63218A-1200-720 10U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 720A/ 18kW
63220A-150-2000 13U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 2000A/ 20kW
63220A-600-1400 13U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 1400A/ 20kW
63220A-1200-800 13U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 800A/ 20kW
63224A-150-2000 13U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 150V / 2000A/ 24kW
63224A-600-1680 13U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 1680A/ 24kW
63224A-1200-960 13U Programmable High Power DC Electronic Load 1200V / 960A/ 24kW
A632007 Over Voltage Protection Box 1200V/50A [for 63200A-1200V models]
A632009 DC Load Slave Unit 600V / 1680A / 24kW
A632010 DC Load Slave Unit 1200V / 960A / 24kW
A600009 GPIB cable (200cm)
A600010 GPIB cable (60cm)
A636000 GPIB interface
A636010 Ethernet interface
A632006 NI USB-6211 Bus-Powered Multifunction DAQ
11460 SoftPanel KIT – Includes Software and Dongle Key
11565 19″ Rack Mounting Kit for model 4kW, 5kW & 6kW 63200A (4U)

When requirements call for higher power, several loads can be run in parallel to achieve higher load currents from 48kW up to 480kW.  Our Smart Master/Slave mode control simplifies operation and allows programming of the load currents on the Master unit where they are automatically calculated and downloaded to the slave loads. The models below are delivered completely integrated in standard racks to save floor space. Control and program via USB (standard), GPIB and Ethernet/LXI (optional) interfaces. Lead times will vary with power requirements. Please call to order.


Model Description Specifications
63200A-48-150 48kW DC Electronic Load 48kW / 150V / 4000A 63200A-HP-2unit
63200A-48-600 48kW DC Electronic Load 48kW / 600V / 3360A
63200A-48-1200 48kW DC Electronic Load 48kW / 1200V / 1920A
63200A-60-150 60kW DC Electronic Load 60kW / 150V / 5200A 63200A-HP-3unit
63200A-60-600 60kW DC Electronic Load 60kW / 600V / 4200A
63200A-60-1200 60kW DC Electronic Load 60kW / 1200V / 2400A
63200A-120-150 120kW DC Electronic Load 120kW / 150V / 10000A 63200A-HP-3+2unit
63200A-120-600 120kW DC Electronic Load 120kW / 600V / 8400A
63200A-120-1200 120kW DC Electronic Load 120kW / 1200V / 4800A
63200A-240-150 240kW DC Electronic Load 240kW / 150V / 20000A 63200A-HP-multiunit
63200A-240-600 240kW DC Electronic Load 240kW / 600V / 16800A
63200A-240-1200 240kW DC Electronic Load 240kW / 1200V / 9600A

Application - Data Centers
Data Centers
Application - Server Power
Server Power
Application - High Voltage UPS
High Voltage UPS
Application - Telecom Power
Telecom Power
Application - Solar Power
Solar Power
Application - On Board Chargers
On Board Chargers
Application - Battery Packs
Battery Packs
Application - Energy Storage Systems
Energy Storage Systems
Application - EV Charger Stations
EV Charger Stations

User Manuals

Manuals - 63200A Series

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User Manuals for 63200A Programmable DC Electronic Loads. Available documents are: Hardware User Manual Softpanel User Manual All files in PDF format. ...

Product Brochures

Battery Test Solutions

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Brochure outlining Chroma battery testing solutions. Chroma satisfies battery test requirements such as charge rate, discharge rate, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH), and depth of discharge...

Electric Vehicle Testing Solutions

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Brochure covering Chroma Electric Vehicle testing hardware. ...

Application Notes

63200 Firmware Update

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Chroma 63200 series electronic loads can be brought up to date by updating firmware when no hardware change has been made. ADLS software is required to do firmware update. ...

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