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Roadshow: Minnesota Area

Hands-on Demonstrations with an Applications Engineer at Your Facility

Various Converters, Inverters, Power Supplies, Lighting, Solar, Battery Testing and anything else related to AC & DC test and design.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for Chroma engineers to come to your facility and walk your team through the features and capabilities of our test instruments and systems. Typical demonstrations take about an hour, however we provide extra time for questions and hands-on interaction with the equipment. Our schedules fill up fast, so we recommend scheduling right now.

When: March 21-23, 2011
Where: Minnesota Area

Typical Presentation Agenda

1. Introduction
a. Company Overview
b. Products Overview

2. Equipment Rundown
a. Overview
b. Features and Benefits
c. Applications

3. Product Demonstrations

4. Conclusion / Questions

To Schedule Your Live Demo Contact…

Dave Hurd
Regional Manager
(262) 744-2820

RoadShow Feedback

“Thanks to you guys for coming out and giving us the run-down, it was informative and I enjoyed it. Since you were here our engineers have been using the timing function of the load to test the life of some of the large batteries we use in our robots. It was very simple to set up and use for this purpose. I also look forward to using it on our generators as our project manager informed me that there are a list of specs and standards that the generators will have to meet. Having this piece of equipment will ease the process of getting them certified. Thanks again for your time and effort.”

Gerald W. Gregones
Project Engineer / Electrical Qinetiq North America
(Technology Solutions Group)

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