Manuals | 61500 Series

User Manuals for Low Power Programmable AC Source with Transients, models 61501, 61502, 61503, 61504, and 61505.

Converting DSO oversampled waveform captures to user defined waveforms

Engineers may have captured a distorted voltage waveform at a particular location because it causes their device under test (DUT) to malfunction using a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with the intent to reproduce the voltage waveform in a laboratory environment for product improvement. The Chroma 61500 series or 61800 series programmable AC voltage supplies are capable of reproducing complex user defined AC voltage waveforms. A waveform cycle can be imported from a Microsoft® Office Excel file with 1024 sample points. Up to six user defined waveforms can be stored at a time on the Chroma source.

61500 series: Programming a Custom Waveform From a File

AC sources are widely used in testing products for all different industries. In some cases, being able to reproduce a custom waveform is helpful for qualifying a new product. This application note will explain how this can be accomplished with the use of the 61500 series Programmable AC Sources.

AC Sources Single & 3 Phase Power

This application note discusses single and 3 phase power primarily for the USA. Common NEMA connectors used for both single and 3 phase applications are also covered.

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