Aug 2012

Chroma Releases Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Chroma Systems Solutions releases a high precision Battery Pack Test System with regenerative battery energy discharge, charge and discharge mode specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack testing. (Read the press release) Watch the 17020 overview video!


Jun 2012

Chroma donates DC Supplies to Mighty Eighth Museum

The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum is preserving the legacy of the Greatest Generation in part through a restoration project of a B-17 bomber. On Tuesday, the “B-17 Flying Fortress City of Savannah” received a power boost from a California company. Chroma Systems Solutions donated equipment with a price tag of more than $15,000. The bomber will be restored to its full combat configuration, and it...

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Mar 2012

Discontinuation Notice

Chroma wishes to advise you that we intend to discontinue the product(s) listed below. Due to discontinuation of certain key components, Chroma will be phasing out production of the 6300 series DC Electronic Load and option kit on June 29, 2012. Chroma will not accept orders for the listed products after May 18, 2012.   Discontinued Products Include: 6301 – Mainframe for single load module...

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Jun 2011

Chroma’s SoftPanels Now Supports Windows 7 OS in 32-Bit or 64-Bit Mode

Chroma’s SoftPanel software now supports Windows 7 OS in 32-bit or 64-bit mode for the following products: Chroma 6310/30 Softpanel Chroma 6310A/30A Softpanel Chroma 63200 Softpanel Chroma 63472 Softpanel Chroma 63600 Softpanel Chroma 63800 Softpanel Chroma 62000P Softpanel Chroma 62000H Softpanel Chroma 62000B Softpanel Solar Array Simulation Softpanel Chroma 61500 Softpanel Chroma 61700 Softpanel Chroma 6400 Softpanel Chroma 6500 Softpanel Aerospace Softpanel Chroma 66200 Softpanel...

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Jun 2011

NEW Technical Product Documentation Library

Chroma now provides all the technical product documentation you need in one convenient place via the NEW Technical Product Documentation Library! This webpage contains download links to the most current technical documentation (in Adobe PDF format) for all Chroma Systems Solutions products. Vist the Technical Product Documentation Library today! Directly visit to the following sections: Catalogs & Brochures Data Sheets Application Notes

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