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Discontinuation Notice

Chroma wishes to advise you that we intend to discontinue the product(s) listed below. Due to discontinuation of certain key components, Chroma will be phasing out production of the 6300 series DC Electronic Load and option kit on June 29, 2012. Chroma will not accept orders for the listed products after May 18, 2012.


Discontinued Products Include:

6301 – Mainframe for single load module

6304 – Mainframe for 4 load modules

63006 – Load module 60V/6A/60W

63010 – Load module 60V/20A/100W

63025 – Load module 250V/10A/250W

63030 – Load module 60V/60A/300W

A630001 – Noise measurement (20MHz) kit for each load module

A630002 – GPIB interface for model 6304 mainframe

A630003 – RC-63 remote controller

A630006 – 19” rack mounting kit for model 6304 mainframe


Replacement Products

63600 series DC Electronic Load

6310A series DC Electronic Load



Discontinued products will continue to be supported during the warranty period.


Thank you,

Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

Marketing Dept.

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