Mar 2011

Solar Photovoltaic Array Analysis

There is no better method of predicting photovoltaic (PV) array performance than exposing it to real-life conditions in the field. Although laboratory tests can accurately determine PV cell characteristics, real-time monitoring of a photovoltaic array in the field can boost confidence in product reliability and overall performance. Read More


Mar 2011

LED Driver Test Solutions

A Light Emitting Diode (LED), with its low power consumption, compact size, long life duration and versatility make it ideal for lighting and illumination applications. LEDs have found its applications in LCD monitor/TV backlights, street lighting, automobile lighting, interior lighting, outdoors large screen displays, consumer electronics and various other applications. LED drivers are used to provide the power to the LEDs, and are usually designed...

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Apr 2010

Chroma Shines Light on PV Panel Performance

Chroma introduces new Solar Application Software providing out-of-the-box I-V curve data and maximum power point tracking capabilities. Read the full article…

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