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LED Driver Test Solutions

A Light Emitting Diode (LED), with its low power consumption, compact size, long life duration and versatility make it ideal for lighting and illumination applications. LEDs have found its applications in LCD monitor/TV backlights, street lighting, automobile lighting, interior lighting, outdoors large screen displays, consumer electronics and various other applications.

LED drivers are used to provide the power to the LEDs, and are usually designed as a constant current source due to the light emitting characteristics of the LEDs. Although LED drivers’ functions and characteristics differ from the general switch mode power supply (SMPS), the components used, the design topology and the testing requirements are very similar. Chroma is able to provide LED testing solution based on its twenty-five years of experience in providing power electronics testing solutions. These solutions include: Programmable AC and DC Sources, high precision Power Meters, and Electronic Loads specifically designed for LED drivers. Chroma is also able to provide Automated Test Systems suitable for R&D, QA qualifications and mass production.

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