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Product Focus: DC to DC Converter Automated Test System

ATS DC to DC Converter TestingChroma 8000 Power Supply ATS is excellent for testing various power supplies that includes DC/DC Converter. It provides multiple hardware selections including DC Source, DC Load, Digital Meter, DSO, Timing/Noise Analyzer and Signal Generator, etc. that can be integrated by the software, Power Pro III, on an open platform. Besides a series of prewritten test items, special test items are also created for better testing the DC/DC Converter. As a result the test speed is improved evidently that a full test is applicable as well.

  • Special test items for better DC/DC Converter use only that improve the test speed significantly
  • Special designed Test Fixture Receiver can easily connect different Fixture for test to save the time when switching production line and reduce the production cost
  • Special designed Test Fixture that meets the DC/DC Converter’s pin assignments of Interpoint™ Company
  • Open platform for software
  • Most cost effective

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