LED Tube – 5104 High Speed In-line Test System

  • 5104 High Speed LED Tube In-line Test System


  • Over 10K pcs throughput per day
  • Supports a variety of LED tube measurements
  • Supports JEL801 Light Intensity Distribution Measurement
  • Supports Flicker Measurement

The Chroma 5104 is perfect for increasing output of an LED Tube Automation Test Line.

Designed for accurate, high speed automation at a low cost, Chroma adopted unique and innovative technologies to improve the way we test LED tubes. As photo detectors, mono-crystalline silicon solar cells are distributed around the LED tubes. Photoelectric conversion is applied and the test system significantly lowers cost, reduces the size of the measurement equipment and greatly increases test speed. Bottom line: These systems can complete a full photoelectric test of one LED tube every six seconds.

Optional modules can be added to boost testing and production of LED bulbs. Modules include: Pre-Burn to enable steady state testing, Center Beam Test for directive testing, and laser printing for label and logo.

In progress testing of a tube light

Model Description
5104 LED Tube High Speed In-line Test System


LED Driver Testing

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Brochure highlighting the Chroma solutions for LED Driver testing. LED power drivers are used to provide the power to the LEDs, and are usually designed as a constant current source due to the light emitting...

Power Electronics Testing

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