8490 LCD Inverter Test System


  • For both inverter & LIPS testing
  • Standard & probe pin test fixture selectable
  • High test throughput by system default test items
  • Cost effective
  • Synchronized measurement in multi-channel reduce the test time
  • Expandable PCI interface card:
    – Measurement Card
    – Control Card
    – DMM Card
  • Three brightness control modes:
    – DC Voltage, PWM, and SM Bus control
  • Three lamp current balance check
  • Waveform check function
  • Built-in timing measurement
  • Compensation function to correlate the error caused by fixture
  • Transformer DCR measurement
  • Burst mode frequency & duty measurement
  • Open architecture software:
  • Other hardware expandable upon request
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP based software

The Chroma LCD Inverter Auto Test System model 8490 is the ultimate solution for LCD inverters. It not only test traditional DC to AC inverters but also the LIPS (LCD Integrated Power Supply) type that combines adapter and inverter in one board.

LCD Inverter/Ballast Test System

Comprehensive Test Items

The comprehensive test items covers 5 categories of traditional DC to AC inverter testing requirements. “Output Performance” checks
the general performances of the UUT. “Input Characteristic” verifies the input parameters of a inverter. “Timing Tests” measures
the turn-on, turn-off or when events occurred. “Protection Tests” triggers the protection circuit of the power supply. Finally, the “Special Tests” provides means to test the most sophisticate inverter which need unique test solutions.

For the D/A Inverter testing requirements. The comprehensive test items as below :

Output Performances

  1. Lamp current
  2. Lamp voltage
  3. Lamp frequency
  4. Kickoff(Vopen) voltage
  5. Efficiency

Input Characteristics

  1. Input voltage
  2. Input current
  3. Inrush current
  4. DIM frequency
  5. DCR
Regolation Tests

  1. Kickoff (Vopen, shut down) delay time
  2. Voltage turn on time
  3. Current turn on time
  4. Voltage turn off time
  5. Current turn off time
  6. Voltage rise time
  7. Current rise time
  8. Voltage fall time
  9. Current fall time
Protection Tests

  1. Short circuit test
  2. Open circuit test

Special Tests

  1. Burst Mode frequency & duty measurement
  2. Lamp current balance
  3. Waveform unbalance rate check
  4. Waveform wave height check

Model Description
8490 LCD Inverter / Ballast Test System
8491 LED Power Driver ATS

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