New Release: 30kVA Regenerative Grid Simulator

Packed with advanced features to satisfy regulation testing to standards such as IEEE 1547, IEC 61000-3-15, IEC 62116 ensuring proper and safe operation of on-grid products. We just released a new addition to our 61800 series of Regenerative Grid Simulators. The 61830 is a full 4 quadrant, fully regenerative, 30kVA AC power source with advanced […]

61500 series: Programming a Custom Waveform From a File

AC sources are widely used in testing products for all different industries. In some cases, being able to reproduce a custom waveform is helpful for qualifying a new product. This application note will explain how this can be accomplished with the use of the 61500 series Programmable AC Sources.

AC Sources Single & 3 Phase Power

This application note discusses single and 3 phase power primarily for the USA. Common NEMA connectors used for both single and 3 phase applications are also covered.

PV Inverter Test Solutions

A PV system is an energy system which directly converts energy from the sunlight into electricity. Once light hits the solar cell (array), electricity is generated and the DC is collected at a PV inverter. PV inverter is a device that changes DC power to AC power and is also a key component in PV […]

Most Popular Support FAQs

Chroma’s FAQs database is filled with common questions regarding our power test instruments & it’s a great resource for finding answers quickly. If you can’t find the answer we make it easy for you to submit your own questions & receive a response from our support team. Below is a list of our most popular […]

Differences Between the 61600/500 Series AC Power Sources

The 61600 Series and 61500 Series AC Power Sources function the same, however, the significant differences are with the 61500 Series AC Power Source as it is equipped with additional features. The 61500 Series AC Power Source allows you to compose different harmonic components to synthesize your own harmonic distorted wave-shapes. Features included are power […]

Product Focus: 61500 Series Programmable AC Source

The Chroma Systems Solutions 61500 Series Programmable AC Power Source defines a new standard of lower power AC power sources. Features included are power line disturbance simulation, programmable output impedance, comprehensive measurement functions and wave shape synthesis. Ideal for avionics and pre-compliance testing. Provides 0-300VAC or 0-424VDC output from a single source· Ultra-pure/low distortion output […]

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