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Ultra-Low Voltage DC Load 0.6V@1000A for High-Performance Computing Power Supply Applications

Ultra-Low Voltage DC Load 0.6V@1000A for High-Performance Computing Power Supply Applications-63200A

High performance computing (HPC) is used in various industries such as financial services, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. To process information at high speed and perform complex computations, information processing and communication system servers use high-performance CPUs, graphics processors (GPUs), sound processors, as well as high-speed and high-capacity memory. The corresponding power requirements for the Vcore and GPU voltages and currents are 0.6V to 1.5V and 400A to 800A, respectively.

Chroma 63206A-60-1000 has a maximum operating voltage of 60V, a maximum current of 1,000A, and a minimum operating voltage of 0.6V at full current (0.6V@1,000A). When the voltage at the load terminal is lower than 0.6V, the current has to be derated linearly, e.g. 0.3V@500A, as shown by the V-I curve under low-voltage operating characteristics in the below figure. This low-voltage operation is suitable for Vcore testing of CPU and GPU power supplies and other low-voltage, high-current applications.


In the process of testing these kinds of processor power supplies, users sometimes overlook the importance of the load cable. Due to the low output voltage, the impedance and inductance of the cable often cause voltage drops, which in turn can cause the voltage at the load terminal of the Chroma 63206A-60-1000 to drop below the minimum operating voltage at full current (0.6V@1,000A). For this kind of test application, Chroma’s specially designed low inductance/low impedance load cable (optional / 500A / 1m) can be used to reduce voltage drops and ensure that the actual load requirements of the device under test are met. Please refer to the following test data, which were obtained by testing with two low inductance/low impedance load cables connected in parallel.

63200A-Terminal Voltage

Chroma 63206A-60-1000 delivers steady ultra-low voltage V-I curves. The 63200A Series has best-in-class high-precision measurement, making it the best choice for low-voltage devices under test.

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