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66205 DPM Harmonic Measurements [VIDEO]

Don’t miss a video! Subscribe to YouTube I’m going to be talking today about the Chroma 66205 Digital Power Meter and specifically, the ability for it to measure harmonics. Chroma designed this unit to meet the IEC 61000-4-7 standard, and that standard defines what the equipment capabilities must be when testing devices for IEC 61000-3-2. […]

Product Focus: 12061 Model Digital Multi Meter

The ideal solution for General Instrument Measurement, the 6½ Digital Multimeter is the most frequent used measurement instrument in Electronic industry. Chroma’s 12061 Digital MultiMeter provides a combination of speed, accuracy and high performance measurement functions that can be used either solely or with system to meet your requirements swiftly. Chroma’s 12061 Digital MultiMeter offers […]

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