Exploring 17020 Regenerative Burn-In System

17020 Regenerative Burn-In System

17020 Regenerative Burn-In System

Chroma 17020

High precision integrated solution specifically designed for burn-in. Accurate measurement ensure the test quality that is suitable for performing exact, reliable testing crucial for burn-in


20V/ 60V/ 100V/ 200V/ 500V


65A/ 13A/ 62.5A/ 50A/ 30A


1.25kW/ 600W/ 2.5kW

The burn-in system architecture offers regenerative discharge energy design to recycle the energy back to the utility mains in the most energy efficient manner. This feature saves electricity, reduces the facilities thermal foot print and provides a green solution by reducing the environmental impact on our planet.

It is equipped with multiple independent channels, to support dedicated discharge tests with discrete test characteristics. Channels may be easily paralleled to support higher current requirements. This feature provides the ultimate flexibility between high channel count and high current testing.

The Chroma 17020 ATS has flexible programming functions that can be operated with Chroma’s powerful software which utilizes the system to create easy to complex discharge profile tests for each channel or channel groups. Thermal chamber control can be integrated into a profile and triggered by time or test results yielding a dynamic profile. Software features allow quick and intuitive test development eliminating the need of tedious scripting or programming by a software engineer.

Key Features

  • Regenerative Energy Discharge
    • Energy saving
    • Environment protection
    • Low heat output
  • Discharge mode
    • Constant Current
    • Constant Voltage
    • Constant Power
  • Channels paralleled for higher Currents
  • Thermal Chamber Control
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Data recovery protection (after power failure)
  • Total harmonic distortion: less than 5% of rated power

Model Options

17020Regenerative Battery Pack ATS


17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System Overview

Accurate source and measurement ensure the test quality that is suitable for performing exact, reliable testing crucial for battery module / pack incoming or outgoing inspection as well as capacity, performance, production and qualification testing.

Design Verification Battery Test Solutions

Highlights how Chroma’s systems and instruments can be used in design verification and testing of batteries.

Learn How Battery Pro Can Help with Charge-discharge Testing in Real-time

The software is item driven with built-in tests – meaning no programming is required at all. Users are able to read data from the BMS controller and also includes thermal chamber control.

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