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63600 User Defined Waveforms (UDW) with Parallel Loads

Chroma 63600 Loads can be paralleled to achieve higher current or power, and still share the same User Defined Waveforms. This App Note describes how to set up the 63600 Loads in Parallel and how to share the same User Defined Waveform (UDW).

63600 Sine Wave Dynamic Parallel

This Application Note will show the manual steps to set the load for Sine Wave Dynamic and show a list of the SCPI commands used to program the Sine Wave Dynamic load.

63600 Confirm Ripple Current

This application note will show the proper way to measure the actual ripple current from the load at the lowest levels.

63600 Digitizing Measurements

Dynamic Loading and Transient Response testing is a common test requirement for Power Supplies, DC DC Converters and Battery Chargers. Dynamic and Dynamic Sweep tests are used to confirm the response times of the DUT when load is changed suddenly. It requires a DC Electronic Load and an Oscilloscope. Capturing the voltage and current waveforms and recording the information requires working knowledge of the DC Load and the Oscilloscope and proper triggering to capture the exact moment the transient occurs.

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