Eaton Controls: Automated Line Testing for LASER Tube Power Supplies

Device Under Test

Eaton required an ATE to provide an automated production line testing for their LASER tube power supplies. The customer supplied the UUT test fixture, a LASER tube fixture, a test guideline, and several UUT’s (normal load output voltage is 2.5 to 3.2 kV).


Our engineering team designed a system with an AC and a DC source to input power to their UUT (a high voltage power supply), two programmable resistance substitutes to determine factory selected trim resistors, an oscilloscope, and a DMM. In addition, a custom high voltage relay board was built to automate the ballast resistor selection part of the tests. The application to test the un-potted and potted UUT’s was created using our Power Pro software.


The customer accepted the full Power Pro application test reports of the un-potted and potted UUT’s.